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Virgin the dog? When did the Virgin Mary die?

The constellations of the zodiac got their name over 2,500 years ago and reflect the passage of the sun through the constellations of the time.

Keep the same names

Since we were mostly traditionalists, we continued to use the same names, even if the sun no longer followed the same path. The sun continued its journey around the center of the Milky Way, which lasts approximately 230 million years.


The zodiac itself means a zodiac, which was taken from the Latin and the Greek zodiac. You now know why the zodiac diagrams are traditionally drawn in circles. In fact, most astrological signs have animal names such as Aries Aries, Taurus Taurus, Leo Lion, and the like.

Virgin goddess

However, the virgin was not given an animal name because it was associated with her wheat goddess and sometimes identified as the virgin goddess. In the Middle Ages, when astrology was still in favor, the constellation Virgo was identified with the Virgin Mary. We all know the story of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, which conveyed the message that sex is not spiritual. Sex was for reproduction only, certainly not for pleasure, and even if you were really pure, it would be flawless.

Hello Mary

The Virgin Mary is still seen by many as a role model for imitation. To date, in most Catholic countries you will find most girls named Mary or Maria, followed by a second name. Imagine you go to school and call the name Maria or Maria with every girl who answers.

Sew the lady back

In South America, there are still doctors who sew girls back into their virgin position if they sinned and had sex before marriage. Then their future brides and grooms and their honest families are not wiser.

Cherry harvest

Breaking a girl's cherry or being the first to penetrate a virgin has been advertised and advertised by boys for centuries.

The religions of the fish era have prevailed

Certainly, in the time of the Pisces, when religions and spiritual practices determined our fate, it was the highest ideal to be a virgin.

The age of Aquarius puts religions under the microscope

After the Aquarian Age began its reign with scientific considerations as the main energy, the religions of the fish are scrutinized. These beliefs, which we should adopt based on belief alone, are being studied in depth. Is celibacy the right spiritual path or did it create pedophiles? If you were a good person, should you avoid sex unless you are accompanied by a wedding ring? Is that correct? Stay tuned!

Virgo the virgin diagnosed with an incurable disease

Virgo to Virgo was most likely diagnosed with an incurable disease in the early 1960s when birth control pills were introduced to the general public. In the mid-1960s, the sexual revolution was in full swing. How to be a good sex partner with videos on the market. Sex was no longer a puzzle. Anyone can be a good sexual partner in training. Sex substitutes have even appeared in the therapy area, and the little blue pill is becoming a household nameHowever, the death of the Virgin Mary was accelerated considerably in 1998. At that time, the "little blue tablet" Viagra was distributed directly to consumers; it was so popular that it quickly became known. The premature ejaculation was over, men could stay upright long enough for women to really enjoy sex and not pretend to have an orgasm.

Sex Ultimate Anti-Aging Prescription And sex was no longer for the young, but for the old. You can have sex for as many years as you want. Science has proven that after the brain, the sexual organs are the next organs that have most affected aging. The ultimate anti-aging agent was sex accompanied by a good glass of red wine.

Sexting delivers the final knockout

The final blow, however, was the advent of cell phones with cameras, especially when they became cheap enough for everyone. Sexting instead of SMS has become fashionable, and sending photos of private sex has become fashionable, especially among teenagers.

Popular with older generations

But like all fashions and revolutions, they sometimes commit suicide. Sexting has also prevailed among older generations, especially those who have used online dating networks.

Meet for fun and health

Instead of finding a partner to play tennis or ride a bike with, the point is to find someone who is truly an accomplished sexual partner who knows the right movements for all orgasms. It's not about meeting the great love of your life, it can happen, but sex is about meeting for fun and health.

Sex is now a sport

Sex has become a sport for many. Instead of feeling an adrenaline rush while swimming, running or spinning, sex has become a favorite. Many famous athletes are often on the news, both for their sexual escapades and for their athletic achievements.

Virgin the dog?

So what should you call virgin virgin? I would say give the zodiac an animal name that matches other animal names in the zodiac. How about the virgin the dog? Ask an astrologer, Virgo stands for service. In addition, love begins to adopt all the signs of the zodiac. What other animal do you know that shows so much devotion and love and really likes to be on duty?

How to fix impotence

If you have erectile dysfunction, you are most likely wondering if it is possible to correct impotence. The definition of impotence is the recurrent inability to achieve and maintain an erection; The causes are diverse and range from serious physical illnesses to more common illnesses such as stress, depression, side effects of medication or hormonal imbalances. In Australia alone, it is estimated that nearly 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction, and the problem is extremely common among those over 50 years of age.

Until recently, the only way to correct impotence was with penis pumps, penile implants (which require surgery), penile injections, and other expensive and sometimes painful procedures. In the 1990s, the very first impotence pill Viagra, was approved by the FDA and its release took the world by storm. Today millions of men around the world use synthetic drugs to successfully treat their erection problems. Not only do pills work very well, they also work quickly and side effects, even if they are present, are not very common. In most cases, the pill can be taken 15 minutes to an hour before sexual activity, and the man with erectile dysfunction can achieve and maintain an erection long enough to successfully complete the action.

The best way to correct impotence should only be found after consulting a doctor. Erectile dysfunction does not necessarily mean impotence, but can only be temporary conditions that can disappear over time. If there are erectile dysfunctions in most cases, these can be treated with Viagra or other medicines. It should be noted that a general improvement in health can also affect sexual performance. Some lifestyle changes, such as better and more balanced diet and regular exercise, can reduce a man's erectile problems.

Impotence not only affects the man who suffers from it, but also puts great pressure on relationships and marriages. If you or your partner have erectile dysfunction, speak openly about it, consult a doctor, and they will help you find the best way to correct impotence and resume your sex life. No matter how busy your schedule is, make the necessary lifestyle changes and you will see the effect in months or even weeks.

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