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This way you avoid premature ejaculation with the best positions

Do not underestimate the missionary position. This is one of the largest positions where you can minimize premature ejaculation. Simply remove your penis from your vagina when you feel you are about to ejaculate. Keep in mind that if you raise your legs above yourself or if you try to lift your body sometimes when you are indoors, you can always increase the pleasure you feel.

The face-to-face position is also ideal for your premature ejaculation as it puts less strain on your body. Sit on you with your legs crossed and let them sit on you with their legs on both sides. She can also suck your neck or kiss you passionately as she rubs you up and down.

You can also let her ride you like a cowgirl. The advantage of this position is that you can manipulate the movements in such a way that you enjoy it as much as possible while you can concentrate on controlling your orgasms. This can help prevent premature ejaculation. If you're happy with their outbreaks, let them crouch after a while. The only danger is that the vagina that clings to your penis can cause you to lose control.

You can also try a rear entry position from the side. Try this position in the morning for the most fun. Just lift her leg up and enter it from behind. This position may seem a bit tight at first glance, but it will give you a lot of pleasure after a while.

In all of these positions, it is important that you have to relax at all times. Avoid getting upset at all costs. A hasty and regular approach gives you exactly what you want - long time in bed.

Try out these sexual positions and learn how to avoid premature ejaculation.

Deciphering premature ejaculation heals secrets by giving them electrifying sexual pleasure!

Is it possible to have premature ejaculation cures that are pleasant at the same time? Providing your wife with sexual pleasure would have been a great struggle for a man who has premature ejaculation - sometimes sex for the man is over before it even begins for the woman! This is especially true when a man concentrates so much to prevent premature ejaculation until he forgets exactly why he is treating premature ejaculation - that is, to satisfy his wife! I bet you agree that curing premature ejaculation makes sense if you don't end up giving your wife the sexual pleasure she was expecting?

In this article, I share with you the secrets of premature ejaculation cures that can give your wife an unimaginable sexual pleasure she deserves.

Secret No. 1 Let him "float" first

Men and women react very differently to sex. While men tend to have sex, women prefer a slow, sensual erection to penetrating sex. This is also the reason why men reach orgasm much faster than women. In fact, most men reach orgasm in less than 2 minutes, while most women need about 10 to 15 minutes.

The main reason why so many men ejaculate quickly or early is that their penis of the penis is stimulated too quickly during penetration, and this is still the case when their female partners are not ready.

If you're serious about finding premature ejaculation remedies that give your wife the sexual pleasure she deserves at the same time, focus on her needs first. Treat your sensual spots from head to toe before you reach your genitals. Use your tongue and fingers. Make it "high" and "there" first. When you know she is ready, just use your "deadly weapon" (penis) and send it to the "sky" - give her the sexual pleasure she could only dream of before!

Secret No. 2 Do what is necessary after being excited

When a woman is excited, she tends to stay in this phase longer than her husband. So if you are on an early ejaculation regimen that your wife likes at the same time, you shouldn't have an orgasm in front of her.

In Secret # 1 you learned how important it is to wake your wife up. The trick now is to provide the stimulation once it is there and when you enter it. When you penetrate her, do not forget to stimulate her clitoris by stroking it regularly and gently with your fingers. This will help him stay in an excited position and enjoy the pleasure longer.

At this point, you will likely feel a faster rhythm of your breathing and heart rate. Control your breathing rate - never let it go astray as this will speed up your own orgasm. Concentrate on deep breathing, inhale and exhale slowly. This will help relax your body and delay your ejaculation. Secret No. 3 Stop it quickly once it has peakedIf you feel your woman is nearing a climax, it is better not to try to change your position, rhythm, speed, or intensity of penetration, as this can result in loss. At this point, you can treat premature ejaculation by no longer focusing on the sensations in your penis. Instead, focus on your other body parts, e.g. B. How your arms help you penetrate and flex your abs. This gives you greater awareness and control over your ejaculation. You can also delay ejaculation better. The above three secrets of treating premature ejaculation can help prevent premature ejaculation and please your wife at the same time. If you slow down as I described above and can delay your satisfaction to please your wife first, your excitement won't flood too quickly and help you stay in bed much longer.

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