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The Unprecedented Secrets of Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Would You Like Me To Uncover The Secrets?

If you are looking for an effective treatment for premature ejaculation, this article is for you. This article contains a very effective and proven treatment for premature ejaculation that you can use immediately to delay your ejaculation and improve the performance of your bed. Treatment can be divided into two phases: "before intercourse" treatment and "during intercourse" treatment. It is very simple and easy to do.

Treating premature ejaculation, which you can do anytime, anywhere before intercourse, is nothing more than doing the right exercises. Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways to improve a man's sexual performance is to do certain special exercises that help him stay in bed longer. All types of exercises have been developed by doctors to strengthen men's pelvic floor muscles. A very popular exercise is called "cone". This exercise was first developed for women, but was later found to help men overcome premature ejaculation as well. It has since become a popular treatment for premature ejaculation.

In addition to the right exercise, it is also very important to eat a healthy and balanced diet at all times. Foods that are low in fat and cholesterol significantly delay ejaculation. This helps your blood flow freely to the penis and stay upright at this "critical" time.

Now that I have treated the premature ejaculation treatment that you can do on normal days and before sex, I will share three proven treatments that you can use during sex to amaze your partner.

# 1 Specific breathing technique

Poor breathing can lead to premature ejaculation. A short, quick breath, accompanied by arousal, "forces" your body to release sexual tension through ejaculation - which often happens too soon! Although breathing is an unconscious or involuntary act, conscious control of your inspiratory and expiratory pattern can be a very effective treatment for premature ejaculation. Controlled and "planned" inhalation and exhalation slow your heart rate and metabolism, which may delay ejaculation.

# 2 tease technology

In addition to practicing the correct breathing technique, your "teasing" technique shortly before or during intercourse also plays an important role in preventing premature ejaculation.

Rapid and relentless intrusion is often the cause of premature ejaculation. To avoid this, try to do the penetration process slowly. Start teasing first. Tease the vaginal entrance and clitoris with the tip of your penis before entering the vagina. Then just enter the first 1 or 2 inches of your vagina. This area of the vagina contains sensitive nerve endings that create the most intense and pleasant sensations for your woman. This slow and teasing penetration not only gives your wife the pleasure she deserves in the sexual process, but it also helps you keep your arousal under control and prevent it from degenerating and reaching the point of no return too soon # 3 compression technology"Compression" is an emergency technique used when premature ejaculation is imminent. If premature ejaculation threatens during penetration, simply pull your penis out of the vagina and use your fingers to squeeze the rod directly under the glans / head. This immediately reduces the urge to ejaculate. Do not continue penetration until you feel that you are under control of your arousal. This is part of the premature ejaculation treatment that you can try to improve the performance of your bed. If treatment is done properly with the right advice, it can delay ejaculation and allow you and your partner to enjoy the process of making love.

Experience Longer Lasting Sex - 3 Steps To End Your Premature Ejaculation Problems

Do you always feel that you are not performing as well as you want in bed? Would you like to know how to increase your sexual stamina and give your wife or girlfriend the sex she's been dreaming about all the time? You can make your premature ejaculation problem a thing of the past simply by practicing a few simple steps that start today!

1) Learn better lovemaking techniques

Sex isn't just about getting your penis into your vagina - it's about more! By learning to sexually satisfy her better through foreplay or to have oral sex, you can easily lower her threshold so that it comes earlier. In addition, you significantly reduce the stimulation of your penis so that you can maintain a high level of self-control before you have fun.

2) Strengthen your sexual muscles

Another aspect that helps you to be better in bed is improving your physiology - especially the muscles that are responsible for controlling your ejaculation. When these muscles are weak, you easily lose control of yourself and end too soon. Fortunately, extending your ejaculation with just a few simple exercise techniques can be almost effortless for you.

3) Eat the right mix of nutrients

Eating the right mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals can improve your sexual health, including your stamina. There are many dietary supplements on the market today. However, you can also use various common foods like avocado, blueberries, and even celery to improve the performance of your bedroom.

These 3 simple steps are all you need to end your premature ejaculation worries and have more sex from now on. And it will not only work wonders for your confidence in bed, but also for your relationship with your wife!

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