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The 4 main causes of premature ejaculation

If you want to stay in bed longer, it is extremely helpful to understand the main causes of premature ejaculation (PE). If you know the main causes of PE, you only need to systematically solve these problems and are willing to stay in bed longer.

Cause 1: mother nature

It is true The truth is that we have developed as rapid fire enthusiasts. In fact, it's not just us humans. Most mammals last only 3 to 15 seconds in the bag, while the average person holds 2 to 6 minutes. The reason for this is that rapid ejaculation helps you "plant your seeds", so to speak.

The bottom line is that this is a common deficiency in almost the entire animal kingdom. So don't go down. Take this with a grain of salt and focus on what you can do about it.

Cause 2: bad masturbation habits

Another major cause of premature ejaculation is bad masturbation habits. Once you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. If you do it alone, there is no reason to extend it. And that's why you're training yourself to end it as soon as possible. Then when the time for the big event has come, you have not developed the ability to control yourself and hold for as long as you want.

Cause 3: too much, too quickly

If you don't control your excitement, it will control you. In other words, if you take action immediately, your body will be nervous and ready to deal with it before you are. If you want to hold out longer, just take it.

Cause 4: lack of mental control

The final major cause of premature ejaculation is the presence of negative thoughts, fears, and fears about sex. If you are very embarrassed about the length of your life, you automatically put yourself in a negative state of mind and prepare yourself for failure. Instead, you need to visualize success, stay positive, stay confident, and focus on what's really important: the intimacy of the moment and the happiness of your partner.

Knowing what causes premature ejaculation is the first step to a longer life in bed and a more fulfilling sex life.

The best premature ejaculation pills to control the rapid climax

Rapid climax, also known as premature ejaculation (PE), is a very common complaint that has affected millions of men around the world. This caused great frustration for both partners and affected many relationships. In this article we will discuss how to control premature ejaculation and the best herbal premature ejaculation pills for this purpose.

Ejaculation can be controlled by muscle relaxation. This can be done by slowing or stopping the pelvic thrusts. Compression techniques are also useful in PE. There is a term for delayed ejaculation. It is usually caused by emotional factors such as fear or aging. It can also be achieved through self-control training to prolong the pleasure of intercourse.

Premature ejaculation can have several reasons. If it is because of stress, people should try to overcome stress through meditation or by taking anti-stress supplements. There are many anti-stress agents and supplements that help restore brain chemistry and correct the imbalance in male sex hormones.

Another important problem in the treatment of PE is mind control. Anger, fear and worry are the three perpetrators who need to be cured to control a rapid climax. This can be achieved through certain holistic exercises such as yoga, pranayama and meditation.

Certain exercises like Kegel exercises play an important role in controlling PE. These exercises help build the pelvic muscles and give you the strength to maintain your urge to love. The balloon technique also helps control premature ejaculation. Many sexologists suggest that masturbation can help control the rapid climax.

Herbal pills and nutritional supplements for premature ejaculation are very effective in treating the rapid climax. The product we recommend here is DuraMale. It is a high quality herbal premature ejaculation pill made from plant extracts and natural nutrients. The ingredients used in this supplement help to control the hyperactivity of the sex sensors and thus extend the time of penetration and thus ejaculation.

These premature ejaculation pills are recommended by doctors and help restore the body's normal hormonal balance. To get the most out of this preparation, it is recommended to take it for at least 4 to 6 months. This will improve your overall love skills and accomplishments.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as a health guide and is for informational purposes only. Always seek advice from a qualified doctor before starting a health program.

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