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Shock therapy to cure erectile dysfunction

A recent study shows that shock therapy for your private parts can actually restore an erection. Before you get a shock after reading the line above, note that it is only low-energy sound waves and that this will not damage your private parts.

This study found that a shock wave on your private parts can actually restore your erection. Men, don't worry, these are very, very low-energy shocks with a pressure of only 100 bar. These shock waves are essentially extracorporeal shock wave therapies. This therapy was originally used to treat kidney stones. The researchers found that these low-intensity sound waves actually improved blood flow to the heart and increased blood vessel growth. Due to the characteristics of this therapy, the scientist also experimented with it in patients with erectile dysfunction.

This particular study was carried out on 29 men with an average age of 61 years with severe cases of erectile dysfunction. These men underwent shock therapy twelve times over nine weeks. In each of these sessions, 300 shocks were administered to men over a three-minute period, and all of these shock treatments were performed at 5 different points on the penis shaft. After a period of two months, the men were asked about their sexual functionality, and it was found that out of 29 men, 8 had a completely normal sex life and the others' problems were reduced to a great Le degree.

This therapy is performed by a device that may resemble a computer mouse that transmits sound waves at very low pressure. These bumps do not cause penile injuries and do not claim to have side effects. Her theory began with the knowledge that low-intensity shocks can stimulate the development of new blood vessels. Perhaps it was not far from understanding that such shock waves could help men develop new blood vessels in their defective organs.

The point of contention of this therapy, however, is still the acceptance of this therapy by the doctors, since the test was only carried out on 29 men and it cannot be concluded that the therapy actually treated these men. A scientist must have said "the result could be a possible effect of placebo" and he could be right. Even if the benefits of extracorporeal shock wave therapy are confirmed by future research, the therapy can never be a traditional treatment for erectile dysfunction because it scares patients and may be difficult to accept. this treatment.

In fact, treatments for erectile dysfunction with drugs like Viagra, Kamagra, Tadalis are very effective and safe. In addition, the reliability of drugs such as generic Viagra is very well documented due to the long-term use in patients. From a psychological point of view, a man would prefer to take a blue pill like Viagra instead of exposing his private parts to shock treatment machines, a new study says that shock therapy for male organs can cure erectile dysfunction. Don't be shocked, read this to learn more about the research. A new study found that shocking the penis with sound waves can help people with severe erectile dysfunction who don't respond well to medication. For men in the "extracorporeal shock wave therapy" studyShock therapy to treat erectile dysfunction through shock therapy (sound wave), which is commonly used to break kidney stones. In a recent study, researchers found that applying sound waves to the penis is an effective way to treat erectile dysfunction in men who don't respond to erectile dysfunction medications, such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

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