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Nitric oxide

Now a nutritional supplement

In 1988, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to three researchers who discovered a gas called nitrogen oxide. This gas controls the blood flow to the body. It also regulates certain functions of the brain, lungs, kidneys, liver and other vital organs. There are actually many tissues that benefit from this gas because they regulate many functions in the body. Nitric oxide lowers blood pressure and at the same time improves blood circulation and the diameter of the blood vessels. It also helps the body make more efficient blood clots.

Nitric oxide supplements dilate the blood vessels, protect the heart and increase the oxygenation of the whole body. At the same time, this preparation may be better known for the sexual benefits it brings about in men who use Viagra. Some people may not notice that it actually produces the same type of effect in women, but instead stimulates, restores and reinforces the reactions of the genitals of both sexes. Viagra actually increases the amount of nitric oxide in the body and this increase is used to increase and decrease the time for waking up and stimulation.

Although the public may associate nitric oxide with Viagra, this supplement has many other health benefits. The immune system is another key area of the body that benefits from the effects of nitric oxide. The immune system actually releases this gas to kill bacteria, parasitic and viral infections. This supplement also improves the production of blood cells in the bone marrow by increasing the immune stimulation "Killer T-Cells". Nitric oxide relieves pain and is an excellent mediator for rheumatism and inflammation. It helps to widen the blood channels that lead to the skeletal muscles, so that lean muscle mass is gained much faster and at the same time the endurance is increased dramatically. Because it increases oxygen flow throughout the body; Food, nutrients and oxygen reach all tissue cells faster and more efficiently. As a result, it is also very beneficial in the process of muscle regeneration of the body.

Nitric oxide plays a central role in the transmission of messages between nerve cells. It is associated with storage, sleep and learning applications. This gas also stimulates the brain and promotes attention, concentration and productivity. It helps modulate many functions ranging from behavior to gastrointestinal activity. Studies have shown that these gaseous additives can also help reduce tumor growth. It does this by increasing the immune system's ability to fight cancer cells.

Health conditions that cause male impotence

Impotence, also called erectile dysfunction (ED), is a common sexual health problem that is characterized by the fact that a man cannot achieve and / or maintain the penile erection long enough to have successful intercourse. It can be caused by a number of factors ranging from physical to psychological. Sometimes a man can have erectile dysfunction for a variety of reasons. In this case, it is very important to accurately determine the risk factors for proper treatment. Speaking of erectile dysfunction, and the name that comes to mind immediately is Viagra (Sildenafil). A pack of blue pills at the bedside comforts a man who is "depressed"! However, before we look at the treatment options, let's take a look at the general risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

Type 2 diabetes

It is estimated that over 16 million people in Australia have type 2 diabetes - a condition that can affect a man's erection. To achieve and maintain a firm erection, you need a number of physical components that work well in your body. This includes nerves, blood vessels and certain hormones. Type 2 diabetes can affect your nerves and blood vessels, which regulate an erection. Even if you have a high sex drive and your sex hormones work well, you can still have erection problems due to damaged blood vessels and nerves that are the result of diabetes. It is advisable to speak to a doctor to find ways to treat diabetes and improve your overall and sexual health.

Prostate Cancer

The prostate is one of the most important organs of the male reproductive system. Muscle contractions of the prostate during orgasm facilitate ejaculation and allow you to stop intercourse. Treatment for prostate cancer can affect the extremely sensitive nerves surrounding this organ and lead to erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems. Impotence pills can be helpful in men with erectile dysfunction due to prostate cancer. These pills can dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis to produce a firm erection. Other treatment options include penile implants, injection therapy and vacuum devices.


Weight problems can also cause erectile dysfunction. If you are overweight or obese, your heart will need to exercise more than normal to pump blood into the penis and other organs. This can lead to a lack of blood flow to the penis and affect the quality of your erection.

Peyronie's disease

It is said that no penis is completely straight when it is erected. But if the twist is abnormal, it can significantly affect your sexual activity. Peyronie's disease is a connective tissue disorder that causes an abnormally folded penis. A drug like Viagra is not recommended for men with erectile dysfunction due to a bent or deformed penis. Injection therapies and penile prostheses are usually what most doctors recommend to treat this condition and to help those affected regain their male performanceYour lifestyle is often the key to or lack of sexual vitality. Drinking or smoking too much can have negative effects on your health and sexual performance. Lack of exercise or lack of physical activity can make you physically and mentally lethargic and withdrawn, which leads to decreased sexual strength.

Oral ED treatment

Impotence is not a new problem for men, but treatment is. It was not until the late 1990s that medical science found an effective and quick solution to erectile problems. It was Viagra and it is still Viagra, with the practical support of Cialis and Levitra. Speak to a doctor today to find out if you are a candidate for treating erectile dysfunction with these prescription impotence pills.

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