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L-arginine and impotence

Get rock hard erections with L-arginine

Impotence in men is a common problem. It can be a very stressful experience for any man. Although there are prescribed medications like Viagra, Cialis, etc. to cure impotence in men, there are natural solutions that can help cure erectile dysfunction and ensure hard erections like stone with no side effects.

L-arginine and impotence

L-arginine is one of these natural remedies for impotence. It is not an herb, but an amino acid and is commonly called natural Viagra.

It can play a very important role in relieving hard and firm erections by increasing nitric oxide secretion. Although most men are not really aware of this, reducing nitrogen oxide secretion in your body is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

The main task of nitric oxide is to relax the muscles of the penis, which causes the blood vessels that supply the penis to expand and increase the blood flow to the erectile tissue. This guarantees hard and firm erections.

This is exactly what Sildenafil Citrate, the main ingredient in Viagra, does to help you get an erection.

The excretion of nitric oxide in your body decreases with age and it is therefore all the more important to stimulate its production. Here L-arginine proves to be very ingenious.

Food sources for L-arginine are animal proteins such as red meat, green vegetables, dairy products, poultry, nuts and beans, etc.

No wonder L-arginine is an important part of many herbal medicines used to cure erectile dysfunction in men.

Herbal or natural pills for impotence

Herbal supplements are a mixture of various nutrients and plant extracts that not only increase nitrogen oxide secretion and blood circulation, but also the production of testosterone, the male hormone that regulates sexual function and promotes male reproduction.

Some of the herbs used in these pills are ginseng, ginkgo, saw palmetto, tribulus terrestris, damiana, billy goat, long jack, etc.

Ginseng is very effective in increasing blood flow. It also helps relieve stress, which is a major killer of libido in men. Ginkgo not only promotes blood circulation, but also the excretion of nitrogen oxide. Ginkgo nuts are still used in China to increase nitric oxide secretion. The goat herb is also very effective to achieve the same effect. Tribulus terrestris, on the other hand, is one of the few herbs that can increase your body's testosterone production.

One of the advantages of these supplements is that they have no side effects.

However, make sure that the preparation you buy is clinically approved and recommended by doctors.

Learn about the best herbal pills that have helped thousands of men cure erectile dysfunction naturally and without side effects.

Will the Little Blue Magic Pill become an over-the-counter medication?

The small magical blue pill Viagra was a big breakthrough for the love life of many men. Many drugs that have such a great healing effect require a doctor's prescription. However, sooner or later, they will target a larger market by releasing a version that doesn't. The question is, will this ever happen to Viagra?

1998 was a big year in erectile dysfunction treatment. It was the year that Viagra came on the market and millions of men came back into the game, they say. Pfizer, the company behind the incredible blue pill, was as flush as a company can be. Then things started to change a little, as you would expect in a capitalist society. Other companies offer similar products. Before you noticed it, it was impossible to watch a television show that was targeting a male audience from a distance without seeing a few dozen ads promoting pills for erectile dysfunction of one kind or another.

The problem with all of these pills is that they have a distribution bottleneck. All of them require that you consult a doctor before you can "charge" your love life. What if it ain't? What if you could buy an over-the-counter pill at the local pharmacy? It would certainly make a difference and there were rumors that Pfizer is considering doing this with Viagra.

Will Viagra be available over the counter in the near future? The British business magazine reported that Pfizer executives discussed the idea at the end of 2007. Since two years have passed without any announcement, it could be assumed that the idea was abandoned. This is not necessarily the case. The main problem is how to put the drug on the market? The potency must be reduced to such an extent that the Federal Drug Administration can approve the sale without a prescription, while it is sufficiently effective for men. This is the ultimate balance that Pfizer obviously hasn't figured out yet.

Will we ever see Viagra or other "ED" drugs as an over-the-counter solution? Yes. There is simply too much money in the market for this not to happen.

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