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How does the pill work to activate erections?

Wherever you turn these days, you'll find the opportunity to hear about ED pills. In the ads, you will be asked to ask your doctor, or you will see an elderly couple going on vacation and using a boat called Viagra. But none of the ads explain how the pills work. What's going on in your body And why can they cause an erection?

So let's take a closer look at how "magic" works.

It is one of the great paradoxes of life. You need to relax to get an erection.

It's hard to believe. Most men don't feel relaxed and it doesn't seem that they are relaxed when they have an erection.

But, the chemistry and physiology of an erection totally depend on relaxation.

Let us first consider chemistry.

Nitric oxide is a chemical found throughout the body. It is the chemical that triggers the erection process. Nitric oxide actually triggers the production of cyclic GMP, sometimes called cGMP, in the muscle cells in your erectile tissue cavity.

Cavernous bodies are special areas of the penis that are shaped like two tissue tubes. Mostly, the erectile tissue is soft and small, with a consistency similar to a damp sponge.

Until they start doing their job of getting and maintaining an erection.

Now physiology comes into play to continue the process.

With CGMP, the smooth muscles of the erectile tissue relax and a lot more blood flows into your penis. As the cave bodies fill with blood, every corner and hole becomes blocked and the spongy tissue expands and becomes hard enough to keep your penis upright.

If the muscles in your penis don't relax enough to let the blood flow, you won't get an erection.

It seems paradoxical to have to relax to be hard. But that's how it works.

How does that relate to the way the little so-called "magic pills" are supposed to work?

These pills all belong to a class of medicines called selective enzyme inhibitors. This means that they block or inhibit a specific or selective enzyme that interferes with maintaining a healthy level of cGMP.

If you don't have enough cGMP, you can't get an erection. If you use these selective enzymes to block the production of the enzyme that interferes with cGMP, you can get an erection.

Does this mean you have to exhaust yourself and get the pill right away?

I do not think so. Your body generally does a very good job of maintaining a sufficient level of cGMP itself. Unless a really low cGMP is the problem, a pill can't fix the causes of erection problems.

Low cGMP is usually not the problem.

Keep in mind that the two main causes of ED are not medical.

Lifestyle habits that affect proper functioning, such as poor nutrition, too little exercise and too much alcohol or nicotine, are the main culprits.

Relationship issues that affect intimacy, feelings of desire, and a desire to be close to your sweetheart are next, and no pill will fix these issues.

So, before you go out and request that the doctor give you pills, do a little more detection and find out what's going on with your body, your habits, and your relationship. Don't just choose a remedy before you know the disease.

Foods That Boost Libido - Part 3

There are a large number of foods that stimulate libido and help increase libido. These foods are readily available in grocery stores, so you should include them in your daily diet. In today's article, I mention five foods that increase libido.

Foods that increase libido


Garlic can leave a strong smell in the mouth, but its potential to increase libido is temporarily bad breath. Garlic is ideal for couples who have a long-term relationship and are not afraid of the breath that smells of their partner's garlic. Garlic is classified as a food that boosts libido because it contains high levels of allicin, an ingredient known to increase blood flow to the genitals. The higher the blood flow, the stronger the male's erection.


Maca has long been used to increase libido and total energy. It has been recognized in many cultures as an aphrodisiac and a natural way to improve sexual performance. As such, maca is also known as Peruvian ginseng, although it is not part of the ginseng family. Maca comes in three main types: red, yellow and black. According to scientific studies, black maca seems to give the best results as it increases the number of sperm considerably. Yellow and red maca are less noticeable.

Pumpkin seeds

According to research, pumpkin seeds are great natural libido boosters. In contrast to garlic, pumpkin seeds taste delicious and add texture and nutritious aroma to many dishes. Pumpkin seeds increase libido because they have a very high zinc content, which prevents testosterone deficiency in the body. As men age, their natural zinc production gradually decreases. This decline in zinc production is often followed by dull sexual performance and, in some cases, enlarged prostate. The zinc in pumpkin seeds helps to increase the volume of sperm. Women can also consume pumpkin seeds, as these seeds promote vaginal lubrication and increase female libido.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in theobromine and phenylethylamine. Theobromine is a caffeine-like alkaloid, while phenylethylamine is a chemical that creates the euphoric feeling of being in love. In addition, dark chocolate contains a high proportion of antioxidants, which are perfect for a healthier immune system.


Chili peppers are also part of foods that increase libido because they contain capsaicin, a chemical known to release endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that are directly linked to libido and libido.

Foods that increase libido - closing words

Foods that increase libido are not uncommon. If you include the majority of these foods in your daily diet, you should notice a noticeable increase in libido and overall happiness.

Good luck

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