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Erectile dysfunction and its causes

One of the most common problems for men in their sexual activity is penile erection. An erection problem is more commonly known as impotence or erectile dysfunction. This means that the man could not keep his penis upright to satisfy a sexual partner. This erectile dysfunction, or ED for short, can happen to any man of any age. But mostly it is older men who also have health problems. But men need to understand that these problems can be solved.

Men should not feel ashamed or threatened by this type of problem. There are many doctors nowadays who can help treat these types of problems. Self-medication is one option, but consulting an expert in this area of medicine is the recommended way. You have the expertise to identify the causes of erectile dysfunction in your life.

The most common reason why men have an erection problem can be traced back to their medical history. Impotence can be associated with various diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and nervous system problems such as Parkinson's. Certain medications that are prescribed for medical purposes can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. For this reason, a man who has an erection problem while taking medication should immediately consult a doctor to resolve the problem. Be patient and experiment with your doctor's advice to get erections as well as the medication you need for other conditions, as erectile dysfunction can be treated with prescribed medication.

It can also be avoided by changing the lifestyle that contributes to your erection problem. Too much alcohol and illegal drugs can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Certain types of genital injury can cause erectile problems. It is important to tell your doctor if you have had surgery or an injury to your genital and pelvic area. A part that prevents blood flow to the penis, which is necessary for an erection, may be damaged. In some cases, different types of nerve damage can also lead to erectile dysfunction. This is because the messages sent by the nerves are blocked. The nerves carry messages that indicate that the veins near the erectile tissue open so that more blood can flow to the penis.

Your entire lifestyle can contribute to erectile dysfunction. A study shows that men who smoke heavily are more likely to have an erection problem. Smoking blocks the blood that flows through our body's veins and arteries and affects testosterone levels. Mental health problems can also lead to erectile dysfunction. For example, too much fear and depression.

It is important to know that erectile dysfunction is very common. This is not the type of topic that most men sit on and discuss with each other. Men who suffer from this problem may feel isolated and alone. Take the initiative now and immediately see a doctor to find out the causes and carry out the required treatment.

Erection Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction - Read this before you skip these expensive pills

Erectile dysfunction is no longer a death sentence for your sex life.

It is very possible to give up Viagra and do 6-minute daily exercises that will make your erection strong again.

Just some information. I am a type 1 diabetic and when I was 40 my erectile strength was not as it used to be. It was still okay, but I couldn't hang a towel on it anymore.

I went to the doctor and he prescribed LevitraA. He gave me a sample of 3.

I tried them out during camping and they worked well when they started (that was sometime in the middle of the night when they were half asleep). But when I filled out the script, they said it wasn't included in my drug plan and would cost more than $ 15 per pill. So I had to give up hard nights like I used to.

Then I came across erection exercises that promised to get almost the same results as the pills, but were more effective and lasting.

I didn't really think it was possible, so I looked into erectile dysfunction much more closely. I've always been skeptical of medical claims - I've been told that diabetes has only been cured for almost 20 years in a few years.

I just needed to know if I could get free help.

I learned that the problem of weaker erections is not just a blood flow problem, but above all that a weakening of the pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle) causes a significant weakening of the erection.

What I found interesting is that there is a way to build muscle, and doctors usually prescribe so-called kegal exercises.

You can also do erection exercises that increase blood flow to the penis and increase penis size both in length and most importantly (as my wife tells me) in width.

The exercises last a few minutes a day and you can expect the strength of your erection to be felt in just a few days. A month of erectile exercises seems to be the time when results really increase.

Do they work? Damn, they work. My partner couldn't believe the difference. In the past, I could only maintain this erection in the morning, but without a single pill, I could get it practically anytime.

Another thing I noticed while doing these exercises was an increase in libido. I just want to do it all the time when I was constantly depressed before when I knew my wife was ready and I wasn't.

So forget the pills and find out how to do these exercises at the link below.

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