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Causes and Solutions of Premature Ejaculation

Sometimes men blame "increased arousal" for premature ejaculation. Although they come very early and lose control of their sexual functions, most men cannot accept that they have premature ejaculation. Ejaculation within two minutes or less than two minutes after intrusion can be referred to as premature ejaculation. There are several causes of premature ejaculation. Let’s take a look.

Learned models: Most men learn to masturbate in their youth. They masturbate when they are alone or when no one is looking at them. It makes them finish the act quickly so they don't get caught. They quickly learn to "enjoy" quickly without thinking about the effects of their sexual act in their future lives. Sometimes these people find it very difficult to unlearn their habits.

Stress and anxiety: If you are stressed or very anxious, you lose control of your arousal and ejaculation, which can lead to premature ejaculation. If you have a regular increase in endorphin, your brain is preparing to send an ejaculation message as soon as you are stressed. This can make the problem worse.

Control-related issues: A man who sees his penis as an organ for fun does not learn to control his ejaculation. He gets used to the idea of shaking him and making everything run smoothly and never thinks about his partner's satisfaction. This behavior needs to be corrected.

Unreliable erections: If a man does not meet his expectations, he often loses the rest of the game. If he can't keep his erection long enough, he can lose control even for a short time.

Aging Issues: Older men typically have low libido, poor penile sensitivity, and very few ways to have sex. This can make it difficult for them.

While these are the main causes of premature ejaculation, this is not a complete list of the causes. Now let's look at some effective solutions for premature ejaculation.

Stop-and-go technique: This exercise involves the muscles of the pubococcygeus. These are the muscles that you use when urinating. Try to stop urine when you urinate and the muscles you use are pubococcygeus muscles. Every time you pee, try to stop halfway up, count to five, and try again. This gives you more control over your pubococcygeus muscles.

Desensitization: You can desensitize your penis by wearing two condoms (although this is not recommended for sex with strangers as it increases the risk of the condom tearing). You can also use various desensitizing gels, desensitizing condoms, penis rings, sprays and creams to achieve a longer lifespan.

Drug intake: Certain medications such as Priligy are known to help men survive longer. You must take Priligy 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. The effect can last up to 3 to 4 hours. It is known to increase male sexual performance by up to 300%, always consult a doctor if you think you have premature ejaculation. If you see a doctor, you can solve the problem more effectively.

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