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Are you a failure in space? Do you constantly question your performance during sex? (Must read!)

Is this article about psychological symptoms of premature ejaculation?

The intent of this information is to provide solid evidence to every man that he may or may not have problems with premature ejaculation, sometimes without realizing it.

When it comes to thoughts that we have during sex, be it negative, positive, or just distracting, it is difficult to see or understand whether any of these thoughts can be a warning sign for you suffering from ejaculation problems.

Before you delve into the content of this article, you need to be open to what I have to say. It may not make immediate sense to you to refuse or lie to what you think during sex.

On the other hand, if you are open and honest with yourself and the text, you will have a clearer idea of your problem and, perhaps more importantly, the first steps to solving the problem.

If you find that you are questioning your performance, stamina, or anything else related to sex, keep reading as this article may provide the answers you are looking for.

Manifestation of premature ejaculation

It is safe to assume that there are several ways to detect premature ejaculation in a person who is suffering from its harmful effects.

Psychological symptom of premature ejaculation # 1 - The voice of negativity

The most common type of mental symptom should be the cynical voice in your head that has only negative things to say to you during sex with your partner.

Some common things this voice will say can be;

"You're shit in bed, give up!"

"You could never give this girl an orgasm!"

"Oh wait, were you breathing early?"

"It's better fun!"

Do these sounds sound familiar to you?

If the negative voice is not bad enough, the team can often call it a crime partner, which would be the second mental symptom.

Psychological symptom of premature ejaculation # 2 - The voice of self-doubt

Self-doubt about anything in our lives is a bad thing. This prevents us from reaching our life goals, big or small. Add self-doubt sex to the mix and you have a real problem that is gradually developing on your hands.

Some common things this voice will say can be;

"She hates it, you have no idea what you're doing!"

"Well, you will only disappoint her anyway!"

"Tell her you're garbage in bed before she can figure out the hard way!"

"I'm early, oh man, I'm so useless!"

I can refer to these two! What causes these problems?

Self-doubt and negativity in the bedroom usually mean that two things in your life are true;

You have an unwanted problem in your life in another place that you cannot or do not want to solve Generally you feel depressed or depressed in your life due to the fact that voices and others have been in your life for too long. You are now in a very negative state of mind from which you have difficulty, if not the impossibility to free yourself.

Whatever the problem of the two above, the result is that it makes your sex life full of misery and sadness. Unfortunately, this also applies to your partner.Tell me what should I do to solve the problem?

In the end, the problem is in your mind, not necessarily your body. You need to learn to deal with the problems that cause negativity and self-doubt. They are destructive forces in themselves, but as a team, they only cause pain and misery in your sex life.

How to treat premature ejaculation without drugs

Premature ejaculation is a sexual health problem in which a man ejaculates earlier than expected and often leaves his sexually dissatisfied partner behind. Every fourth man often suffers from this health problem. It is also known as rapid or premature ejaculation. This health problem can prevent a pleasant climax and both partners can develop a misunderstanding. Sometimes this problem can also lead to relationship problems. If both partners suffer in silence, sexual frustration can build up over time.

Men can sometimes suffer from low self-esteem and other ego problems if they are unable to perform well in bed. Before we talk about how to treat this condition, let's understand in detail why this problem occurs. Premature ejaculation can develop in early adolescence when most men start to masturbate. It is typical of men to finish their work quickly so as not to get caught. It becomes a habit and over time the aim is only to finish the job quickly and not to focus on pleasure or pleasure.

Some men suffer from premature ejaculation due to social anxiety problems. Some men are afraid that sooner or later their partners will leave them. Therefore, they cannot enjoy sex and are constantly afraid of losing people in their lives. If you have premature ejaculation, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. This problem can occur permanently if you are not looking for treatment at the right time. You can also treat the problem with simple exercises. For example, you can slow down and control your breathing better.

Muscle relaxation is also a great way to better control your body. Sometimes men are only tense in their muscles, which can lead to unnecessary physical and mental exhaustion. Relax and things will take a natural course. The more relaxed you are, the longer you hold and the better your orgasm. Concentrate on your partner and give them a good feeling for themselves and their bodies. Meditation, relaxation and breathing will certainly help, but it may take some time to achieve the expected results.

If you're looking for a faster solution, you can use medications like Priligy. This medication is medically known as dapoxetine and was specifically developed to treat premature ejaculation. This medication belongs to a family of antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and it slows down your response time to sexual stimulation. The active substance in the drug, dapoxetine, can help you control your ejaculation reflexes and increase the latency of intravaginal ejaculation (IELT) by 3 to 4 times. You should use this medication an hour or two before sexual intercourse. Always use it as directed by your doctor. You can buy Priligy at any registered online clinic that offers free medical advice.

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