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Why compression technology isn't the best defense against premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is very common in men around the world. This causes a lot of problems and awkwardness for men who have sex. These are sexual performances, especially for occasional sex or with someone you just met. There are many methods that can be used to overcome it, including sex therapy, medication, medication, and psychotherapy.

In most cases, the use of the compression technique is recommended to prevent premature ejaculation, which is nothing new to most men. Is the compression technique the best defense against premature ejaculation? We'll find out soon.


It is a manual method to hold the head of the penis before there is a turning point at the beginning of sexual intercourse to cool it down and reduce arousal. If you repeat this process several times, you can opt for much longer sex.

The compression technique

Step 1. Simply perform sex and stimulation as usual until you feel that you are almost approaching ejaculation, but do not get too close to the point of ejaculation as it may not be there. Got it back, stop everything for a while, remove the penis.

Step 2. Ask your partner to press just under the head of the penis for a few seconds. This pushes the blood out of the penis and slowly reduces the urge to ejaculate. Hold this process a little longer until the picture is done.

Step 3. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute after step 2 and return to the same activity, including foreplay and intercourse. After starting the simulation, your penis becomes erect from less erect to full. Watch your desire for ejaculation closely and don't go into high gear yet.

Step 4. After a while, your desire for ejaculation returns. Ask your partner to repeat step 2 again.

If you repeat the process several times, you may be able to better control and delay your ejaculation and hold longer in bed.

The disadvantages

The main disadvantage of the compression technique is that during casual sex or with someone you just met in the pub, you are not sure whether it will help you practice this technique.

Therefore, for the reason mentioned above, it is not the best defense against premature ejaculation.

Here is a tip for you: If you are impatient to overcome premature ejaculation and have a much longer lifespan during intercourse than before, learn and practice this ejaculation control system step by step. Proven step to increase sexual stamina and self-confidence.

There is a cure for premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation affects one in three men. In addition, it is quite common for a younger man to be affected as much as that in the forties to sixties. Fortunately, there is a cure for premature ejaculation.

It is important that men understand ejaculation before they think they have a problem. In rare cases, there is no cause for concern. But if it happens regularly. There are things you can do.

This is often caused by psychological and biological factors. Unfortunately, many men are too embarrassed to discuss and avoid any kind of treatment. In fact, there are medications that can delay ejaculation, in addition to other types of treatments.

For example, it may be advisable to masturbate before intercourse to delay ejaculation during intercourse. There is also something like the compression technique. This method includes sexual activity until you reach the point of ejaculation. Before ejaculation, the partner is advised to press the tip of the penis for a few seconds. After pressing, you have to wait another 30 seconds. You can start sexual activity again.

If the feeling of ejaculation occurs before the desired time, your partner can follow the previous steps. Yet again. After practicing these steps quite often, it became a habit and of course helped delay ejaculation. Of course, these results are not shown after a single session. However, some sessions will certainly have a positive impact.

In addition to the compression method, certain medications such as antidepressants can help treat the problem. Topical anesthetic creams can also help cure premature ejaculation.

So if you've tried the various methods recommended above, you can say with confidence that you're increasing the likelihood that each sexual session will lengthen. The bottom line is that you should speak to your doctor so they can recommend the best solution for your treatable condition.

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