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Why are you depressed How to find happiness in life

Our world is a living hell. Everyone here is selfish. Everyone is an actor.

For most people, the living conditions are unbearable. You have too many existential and material problems. They also have family problems and problematic relationships. They hate their job or are unemployed.

Money is the god of all. However, most people do not have enough or no money. Wars, crimes, lies, accidents and many other horrors are routine. These stories are the daily news in our newspapers.

If you are depressed you have a normal reaction. It's really impossible to be happy when you live like this.

However, you probably don't feel depressed because you logically understand the general madness of your surroundings. They believe that the reason for your depression is something else that is part of your personal life.

Indeed, they are indifferent to what is going on in the world. You just want to live well, ignoring all the horrors that continue to happen around you. Apart from this, everything that is bad is disguised by indifference, hypocrisy and greed. Material joys make the suffering of those who live on the streets forget.

However, if you want to be happy, you have to eliminate evil. You can't instantly get rid of all the horrors around you, but there is something you can do to improve your environment while helping yourself.

Or do you think you can be happy if you ignore everything you should be afraid of?

You are depressed because your human intelligence understands what your animal ignorance cannot perceive. You will only be happy in life if everyone is happy.

The wrong ideas you use to prevent you from understanding your own nonsense. Nobody knows how good mental health and balance are on earth.

You are depressed because of personal reasons. You feel an unbearable pain in your heart. Your past was very sad. You have a lot of injuries, fears and trauma.

If you want to find happiness in life, you need to get help through psychotherapy. I will teach you how to translate the meaning of your own dreams so that you can find free psychotherapy in dream news. If you don't have the time or inclination to learn the dream language, I can translate your dreams for you immediately and treat you psychotherapeutically so that you don't have to do the work yourself. You just have to follow the advice you get in your dreams.

After you have transformed your personality and found ways to transform your world, your life will be fundamentally different from what it is today. You will not be a passive observer of global nonsense. You will not be a puppet of your wild nature.

Dream Therapy offers a treatment for depression that opens new horizons before your eyes. You stop adapting to your sad life circumstances. You transform what you don't like. You discover your own hidden power.

You are very intelligent, but all your intelligence is wasted because it belongs to your wild conscience. With dream therapy you transform your wild conscience into human content and become a genius. You have such potential. There are no limits to your brain power. So you will find many ways to improve your life and save your world from self-destruction.

Self-help depression treatment - understand dreams and their healing power

The treatment of depression by dream analysis using the scientific method of dream interpretation is based on unconscious orientation. The unconscious that creates our dreams has undeniable wisdom. He works like a natural doctor and sends us valuable messages in dream images. If we learn to translate these images into words that we can understand, we can understand the unconscious messages.

It is a treatment that can be called self-help because you treat your depression yourself. However, you are not alone: you are supported by unconscious wisdom. You only have to learn the dream language for a short time and follow the advice you get to overcome your depression forever. Therefore, you only partially solve your problems yourself.

Your dreams reflect your mistakes. They basically act as warnings and try to stop you from doing what causes your depression. Your healing power is exceptional. They give you many explanations and lessons and show you what you have to do to solve all the problems that torment you.

You are suffering now because you have made many mistakes in the past. You also suffer from the mistakes you make today. Without understanding the importance of your actions, you can only make many mistakes and then bear the bitter consequences. Unconscious wisdom will help you become smarter so that you can only do what is good for your life.

You often think you are doing what is right for you, but you are completely wrong. There are many things that you ignore and you are constantly influenced by your conscience violation. the wild side of your consciousness. It is your primitive consciousness that continues to penetrate your human consciousness to control your behavior.

Anti-conscience sends many absurd ideas to your human conscience. You can't see their nonsense from the start because they seem to be logical ideas. You will only understand their nonsense if you carefully analyze their intentions. However, you do not pay attention to the various contradictory details contained in the ideas that penetrate your mind. You just accept them without criticism, especially when you have to solve difficult problems.

In this way, the opponent of conscience manages to destroy your human conscience, which causes a lot of damage to your personality and your life. At some point your psyche complains of all the suffering it has to endure. That's why you're depressed today.

You cannot understand your mistakes. You blame others for your suffering. You believe that the situations in your life are responsible for how you feel. However, the root of all your problems is mostly you, not the outside world.

Your dreams heal your wounds and help you understand what's wrong with your behavior. They also help you solve your daily problems individually. You will get rid of the influence of the anti-conscience and become fully conscious. Therefore you will be happy and only do what has a positive effect on your life.

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