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The unique treatment for hair loss is now here

Propecia is a drug that is used orally to find solutions and cure the problems of baldness and hair loss. The effect of this drug does not disappear in a short time, on the other hand, the drug retains its medicinal value and the result persists over a person's life, which makes the person stress-free and relieved of fear of baldness. These are the reasons why it has become more popular than any other related drug available in the same class, and people therefore prefer to buy this drug.

Regular customers with hair loss problems can buy Propecia online depending on the prescribed dosage of 10 mg or 20 mg. New users are advised to test lower doses of Propecia medication and if their effects do not appear to produce the desired result, only a higher dose of the medication can be taken. Daily or prescribed use of the generic version of this medication will cause the result to last a lifetime. However, care should be taken to ensure that only the prescribed amount is taken with the doctor's consent.

The cost of buying this drug online is between $ 40 per pack of 10 20 mg tablets. Packages with a medium generic version of this medicine can also be ordered in online shops. 20 tablets of 20 mg each cost $ 80, while the reduction package for this medication with 30 tablets of 20 mg each costs $ 110. Reduced price Propecia packs are only $ 3.80 per tablet compared to $ 4.38 per tablet. You can also purchase 60 tablets worth $ 198 and 120 tablets worth $ 325. Because of the discount, the price of the tablets drops by $ 2.50 per tablet. As if the reduction wasn't enough, 12 tablets of this medicine are also provided free of charge. When purchasing online, you will receive a free insurance news service for larger orders.

An inexpensive generic version of this pill can be ordered online because the reduction in consultation and treatment costs offers the advantage of a lower price. Drug costs, including doctor's consultation fees, pharmacist's prescription bill, and remaining treatment fees, are included in the low-cost generic version. The efforts of the organization involved in such drug-related activities help to keep the tax rate to a minimum and remove the savings for cheap generic drugs.

The prescription of the generic version is valid for a period of one year. If a regular Propecia customer needs the pills again within a year, an abbreviated version of the online diagnostic test must be created, which was completed when the prescription was first ordered. When the customer's validity period has expired and the order has been placed, a full version must be completed from the online diagnostic evaluation form to receive the cheap generic. If a generic order has never been placed and a person would like to place a generic order, the online diagnostics must first be carried out, which is valid for a year in which a medical preliminary examination is carried out.

Find out more about male pattern baldness

Male hair loss occurs when hair loss exceeds hair growth. It is a genetically inherited illness. Some women also suffer from male pattern baldness and this is due to excessive levels of androgens in their bodies. These women also suffer from irregular periods, acne and more facial hair than others.

There are several reasons for baldness, but if you are between 20 and 40 years old and have baldness, there is a chance that you may have male baldness. As the name suggests, this state of health follows a typical pattern of hair loss. You can start losing hair in different areas, but it usually starts around the crown of your head. Your hair will gradually lose weight and you can become completely bald over the years. Almost 50% of men experience baldness at some point in their lives.

Cause of male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness mainly depends on hormones and genetics. Testosterone, a hormone found in men after puberty, is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by a 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Some tissues in the body, including the scalp, have DHT, which adversely affects the hair follicle. It slows down hair production and produces weaker, shorter hair. Gradually, this process completely exhausts your hair.

Lupus and diabetes lead to baldness. Fungal infections are also known to cause hair loss. Excessive intake of vitamin A in the form of medication is also a factor associated with taking oral contraceptives and antidepressants. Hormonal fluctuations, overactive or underactive thyroid, side effects of medication for chronic diseases and stress are some of the factors that lead to baldness.

Hair loss can have significant psychological effects depending on the severity. Many men who suffer from hair loss suffer from low self-esteem and loss of trust. If you suddenly lose hair, you should see a doctor and get expert advice. Baldness can occur for many reasons and can be successfully treated with medications like Propecia.


Finasteride, which is marketed as Propecia, is an FDA-approved oral medication to treat male pattern baldness. There are many benefits to treating baldness. It blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Reducing DHT slows down hair loss and is sometimes reversed. Because baldness is directly related to DHT, this drug blocks it. Over 80% of the men who took it showed increased hair growth on their scalp.

Some of the side effects of Propecia are decreased libido, loss of libido, decreased semen volume and gynecomastia. Mild sexual dysfunction has been identified as a side effect in men who have taken this medication. The side effects of this drug are temporary, and once the drug is stopped, the situation returns to normal. This drug is not recommended for women and children. Most men who use this drug are happy with the results.

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