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The little blue pill that treats impotence regardless of symptoms and causes

Erectile dysfunction is commonly called impotence and is a sexual condition that affects millions of men around the world. This condition can be successfully remedied or improved through a number of treatments with or without a prescription. One of the most popular and effective is Viagra - the little blue pill; He took the world by storm in 1998 and has since changed the face of erectile dysfunction treatment. Read on to learn more about impotence and why Viagra is a glimmer of hope for men with this condition.

Symptoms and causes of impotence

The term "erectile dysfunction" is used in place of impotence to distinguish this condition from other problems related to male sexual health, such as: B. low libido, premature ejaculation and others. Impotence is characterized by a partial, complete or incoherent inability to achieve or maintain a satisfactory penile erection for the purpose of sexual intercourse. There are many factors that can cause erectile dysfunction, but this disorder usually has its origins in physiological causes such as injuries or injuries to the penis, certain diseases, or the side effects of certain medications. It can also be associated with psychological causes such as frustration, guilt, performance anxiety, work stress, relationship conflicts and unresolved issues related to sexual orientation. Research has shown that excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

If you think you have erectile dysfunction, depending on the diagnosis, you should see your doctor for the right treatment. Any of the following treatments for erectile dysfunction or a combination of two or more may be effective:

Lifestyle changes, e.g. B. Regular training, healthy and nutritious nutrition and important behavioral decisions, e.g. B. Reduction of binge eating or crash diets:

  • Prescription drugs like PDE5 inhibitors.
  • Psychosexual therapy and counseling
  • Vacuum pumps that also help enlarge the penis.
  • Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction

Viagra is made from the active ingredient sildenafil citrate and is the first prescription drug that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Viagra belongs to a class of medicines called PDE5 inhibitors. Cialis drugs limit the effects of PDE5 - the chemical that blocks blood flow to the penis and prevents the occurrence of a full erection. Viagra relaxes the muscles of the penis and promotes blood circulation for better erection quality. The effect of Viagra is visible after about 30 minutes and lasts up to 4 hours.

Viagra cannot be prescribed for women or anyone under the age of 18. Men who take nitrate-based medication to treat chest pain are also prohibited, as this lowers blood pressure to dangerous levels. If you are over 65 your doctor will prescribe the lowest dose of Viagra. Viagra is not prescribed for men with kidney or liver disease, or for men who take alpha-blockers for high blood pressure or prostate problems.

Erectile dysfunction and baseball

If you're not one of the few, there's sure to be someone who doesn't watch TV. You've seen ridiculous commercials about the man's favorite topic, erectile dysfunction. I can't relate it to horses pulling a mud truck that has to do with the problem, but I'm obviously missing something.

I realize that if we men are to take advantage of this curse, touch? - For women and menopause we are said to have acquired the wisdom of pouring water into an overheated radiator, joining a group that sings about it or takes care not to fall off a bathtub on a cliff chair. I was lucky enough not to be tested, but I think I could understand it.

Don't get me wrong, I've never been compared to Einstein, maybe one of the three henchmen, but I'm proud not to be an idiot. Then something happens that makes me question the validity of my self-assessment.

January is generally not associated with mild weather unless you are a regular guest in Alaska with temperatures ranging from -30 to +20 degrees in Wyoming, but it was one of them weeks from La Nina or El Nino and the weather was floating sunny 65 degrees.

I belong to a baseball league that is over 40 years old and is as proud of its baseball strength as any other major league player. Unlike the softball leagues in our city, we don't drink beer during the game, but wait for the last game.

Seven members of our team and four members of another team met in the city park for small throwing and commissioning exercises. At first I was a little worried, I'm at the end of the 40+ spectrum and I take it slowly and easily, but soon I felt strengthened.

After 10 to 20 warm-up throws, far too little, I started increasing my range until I threw from right to left for a long time. I felt very comfortable when I could see my throw with four seams directly with a slight difference in height. Hang the defender's glove on the base. I've always had it

We took 20 swings each and although I got a few bites, most of my punches caused this beautiful crack and my hands and arms felt like I had the superhuman strength of the transferred racket with ball.

My friends and I had a couple of beers, then we went home to have a good meal, a warm shower, and a wonderful night's sleep. I didn't panic until the next morning because I couldn't get up without literally turning to my side. The way to the bathroom was hampered because my thigh, where I had a light pinch yesterday, was swollen and hot to the touch. I couldn't raise my right arm to shave, and two unsuccessful attempts to left-handed people were quickly abandoned for safety reasons.

I'm not even going to try to describe the contempt or hint of pity I got from my wife when I tried to drink my coffee while holding the cup in both hands. I definitely had the grunge look when I left the front door, the point I want to keep in mind of all the coaches is to remember that the season was long. Of course, children, especially athletes, keep physically fit all year round by doing other sports and are not subject to the laws of nature. Players are 40 and older, but remember that they used different muscles.It is not that a child has won a district on the track where his arm is in physical shape, nor is the player who has become muscular for the fight ready to use a high blast speed, one Mass requires muscle mass without indoctrinating an extended stretching program. I may not make sense equating broken horses and trucks with erectile dysfunction, but I am smart enough because of the pain. personal failure to equate an inadequate fitness and stretching program at the beginning of the season, which leads to injuries.

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