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The causes of erectile dysfunction that can make your sex life miserable

Erectile dysfunction, known as ED, is a male sexual disorder that is generally associated with a general weakness in sexual play. It is a very harmful physical and mental handicap. The damage it does determines your external ability to make contacts and feel full. Many patients with this disorder even avoid close relatives. Erectile dysfunction is the main cause of impotence. In short, erectile dysfunction can be summarized as the inability to maintain a full erection for the purpose of sex play.

The main causes are associated with the following risk factors: depression, cardiovascular disease, age, blood pressure and the presence of diabetes, cigarette and drug abuse and misuse of prescription drugs. In rare cases, genetic recession can play a role. This makes the causes more understandable and the search for a solution becomes much easier. Without the nerves of health, arteries and muscles, the erection is often paralyzed and can also be put aside and forgotten.

With all due respect, age is inevitable and has its own weaknesses. In old age, diseases such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and heart attacks are common. Compliance automatically fails and the nerves may not even produce nitric oxide, a basic requirement when it comes to transmitting the signal to the male organ. With or without disease, aging alone is a physiologically significant disorder for all cells in the body.

High blood pressure or high blood pressure is a handicap that impairs blood circulation stability and is known to affect the production of nitric oxide, a basic component that is necessary for the development of erections. Eventually, high blood pressure causes arteriosclerosis and can damage the kidneys over time. Diabetes mellitus generally affects the body and is the main cause of early development of erectile dysfunction. It damages the autonomic nerves by cutting off the blood supply to the male organ, which is necessary to maintain an erection.

Cardiovascular diseases, which are characterized by hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels, are a common disaster for every erection. If this happens in the blood veins around the male organ and pelvic region, the blood supply to achieve an erection will decrease and it will become impossible to maintain it. This phenomenon is exacerbated by habits such as smoking and drug addiction, and the severity of this disease increases many times over. Addiction to cocaine, heroin and alcohol damages the nerves and can negate the nutrients in the testicles, which ultimately prevents testosterone production.

The trauma caused by accidents or other injuries causes immeasurable suffering, which leads to poor coordination of the sensory nerves. Spinal injuries lead to paralysis and loss of contact in many areas, including the genital organs, which stops all sexual activity. In other cases where testosterone levels decrease due to poor testicular development, sexual desire becomes the first symptom of a failed erection. A poor libido is one of the first signs of sexual dysfunction. The world of using chemicals, especially drugs, is largely a compromise between the end use and the temporary or permanent side effects associated with the drug in question; diabetes mellitus is often so chronic that other parts of the body are weakened. The effects of drug therapies go beyond this and are known to cause significant damage to the genital organs that spread erectile failure. All types of medication for the treatment of blood pressure, kidney diseases, etc. have gone far beyond the borders and have left lasting traces in other places.

Heal erectile dysfunction to achieve a firm erection

There are various erectile dysfunction remedies available today that can help you firm up your erections. The remedy or combination of remedies you choose to treat your erectile dysfunction must be related to the cause (s) of your problem. It is necessary to determine the cause of your problem before deciding on a solution. The causes of erectile dysfunction include physical problems, psychological problems, emotional problems and lifestyle choices. Remedies for erectile dysfunction range from prescription drugs to herbal treatments to food and fruit treatments and lifestyle changes that can help you get back to that firm erection.

One should try to treat erectile dysfunction by changing lifestyle and eating fruits and vegetables that can reverse the condition. There are also natural herbs that can treat this condition. Lifestyle changes include quitting smoking and preventing alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption and smoking are important factors affecting the erectile function of many men around the world. This will do a lot to give up both of these habits. Another lifestyle change should be eating habits. Cholesterol and high fat foods should be avoided as much as possible. Obesity is an undesirable condition for a healthy body. Obesity is a major cause of erectile dysfunction. It is therefore very important to lose that extra fat in your body. It helps to have a flat stomach. An active lifestyle as opposed to a sedentary lifestyle greatly contributes to maintaining good overall health and excellent sexual health. These lifestyle changes can be enough to treat your erectile dysfunction while it is still in its infancy. You don't have to spend money and there are no side effects.

Watermelon is very useful in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Watermelon is an excellent source of citrulline. Nitric oxide is made from amino acids such as citrulline and arginine. Nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter and an intracellular messenger. Nitric oxide helps dilate the blood vessels. Watermelon is also called natural Viagra, but does not have the side effects of Viagra. Pomegranate is another fruit with immense properties to improve sexual function. Pomegranate is also called natural Viagra. Avocado is a fruit known to improve blood circulation and increase male sexual potency. Eating avocado regularly can greatly improve your erection. Eating other fruits like figs, strawberries, raw oysters, peaches, mangoes, bananas, garlic, celery and almonds can be very helpful for erectile dysfunction.

Zinc-rich green vegetables should be part of the diet. Zinc improves blood flow to various parts of the body, including the penis. Improved blood flow means an improved erection. Garlic and onion also have properties that support sexual function. Natural herbs like ginkgo biloba and yohimbe are also excellent remedies for erectile dysfunction. Some of these natural herbs have undesirable side effects. You should do extensive research before deciding on any of these natural herbs to improve erection, and prescription medications should be used as a last resort against erectile dysfunction. These prescription drugs include Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These drugs offer a temporary solution to your problem. Viagra is taken at some point before you intend to have sex. The effect lasts for about four hours. Any sexual stimulation during this time leads to a firm erection. Cialis is taken 30 minutes before sex and the effects last for a long time. Levitra is taken about 10 minutes to an hour before sexual intercourse and can work for 12 hours. These drugs have side effects. Reported side effects of Viagra include headache, diarrhea, upset stomach and dizziness. One of the more serious side effects is a sudden loss of vision. Cialis and Levitra also have side effects.

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