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Self-help for dynamic depression based on dream therapy

You can help yourself and get rid of your depression entirely without medication. Self-help for depression based on dream therapy offers you safe treatment that you can trust. The wise unconscious that creates your dreams is your natural doctor. All dream messages work like psychotherapy.

If you have learned the meaning of the dream language with the scientific method of dream interpretation, you can understand the wise advice of your psychotherapist. the unconscious.

Today, you can take dream therapy courses by looking at my dynamic method of instantly translating images into words, derived from Carl Jung's dream interpretation method, the only correct one, I prove. at my work. The subconscious will change your personality and help you develop your sensitivity.

You may think that you suffer because you are sensitive, but the truth is that your sensitivity is not yet fully developed. You have inherited an absurd wilderness that affects your behavior. You cannot see why you are insensitive, precisely because you do not have the necessary sensitivity to help you understand how far you are from external reality.

It's a problem you couldn't understand due to the limited knowledge of your ignorant historical era. Behind many obvious explanations for many mental health problems, there are many other explanations that our scientists ignore.

The unconscious sage knows everything because he has a divine origin. The knowledge you have when you follow unconscious psychotherapy goes beyond the knowledge of the absurd modern civilization.

Your depression begins with your fears and self-defense. When you go through various traumatic experiences in life, you are afraid of suffering. This fear leads to mental illness because you are constantly influenced by your wild nature. There are many mental disorders that our psychiatrists have not yet diagnosed.

The unconscious helps you remove the roots of nonsense from your mind. It is a privilege that you cannot see because you do not know how clear your mind will be when you finally get rid of your wild side, which I have called hostility. Anti-conscience won't let you develop; It continues to penetrate your consciousness and tries to control your behavior.

Dynamic self-help for depression through dream therapy helps you to no longer be a slave to your subconscious without understanding that you are under the control of your wild side. You just have to work with the unconscious by following the advice you get in your own dreams.

You will get rid of your old fears and misunderstandings. You will also eliminate the various trauma and behavioral distortions caused by your feeling of conscience. You are becoming more and more sensitive.

The more you understand and the more you feel, the better you feel. This means that many of the ideas that you accept as right are actually completely wrong.

They tend to think that if you want to be happy, you don't have to be indifferent and not in touch with external reality. You have to protect yourself. This attitude is the result of interventions by your enemy of conscience and also a result of the wrong global attitude that continues to influence your ideas and your behavior.

If you want to stop feeling depressed, you need to be connected to others, understand everything and feel everything. In this way you will be balanced and have the chance to live well.

If you don't care what happens to your surroundings, accept living in terrible conditions while trying to ignore what makes you suffer.

Your sensitivity helps you to influence others positively and gradually create a positive social environment. You will stop feeling depressed because you always accept what you don't like. You will have the power to transform your reality.

How to Treat Depression - Stop Being Depressed and Find Good Mental Health

Depression can be easily removed with dream therapy if you are a good student and a good patient. You will treat your depression yourself without having to move or depend on someone. The subconscious mind that creates your dreams helps you to restore your mental health. You just need to work with your naturopath and follow the advice you get.

It is a quick self-help depression treatment while you have lots of lessons and explanations about dreams. You're not alone.

The unconscious first analyzes your life and behavior. The behavior of everyone around you will be analyzed later. You enter your psychological world and understand how the human brain works. If you continue your studies, you will understand what fundamentally determines human behavior.

Your knowledge grows as you translate the meaning of your dreams and learn the unconscious lessons. These lessons give you a different vision. You start to see a lot of details that you haven't noticed before and you start to solve puzzles. You discover that there are many details that determine the functioning of the world and the future development of your reality.

The information you have in your dreams will gradually remove your ignorance and false impressions. This alternative will change your life completely. You will stop thinking like you do now if you ignore many hidden truths. Your mind will open and you will stop feeling sorry for yourself.

You only need to keep a diary and a dream diary to link your everyday life with the messages of the dream. Then you have to translate your dreams and follow the subconscious advice.

First of all, you will not be able to understand the meaning of many dreams. However, if you continue to write down all of your dreams and learn the language of dreams, you will begin to understand the precious unconscious messages in some dream images. You recognize important dream symbols in every dream and understand the basic messages of the unconscious.

If you continue to pay attention to the meaning of your dreams and try to understand their hidden messages, you will gradually understand your psychological problems. The unconscious is very generous and sends you many explanations in dreams.

If you can't translate a dream, wait for your next dreams. The subconscious will help you understand your first dreams by repeating the same explanations in your next dreams.

The unconscious is a very patient doctor who will give you the same explanations in different ways until you finally understand what you need.

Every dream is like a chapter in a book. You will fully understand the subconscious messages if you analyze the collection of your dreams after a certain period of time. This is why you need at least two months of dream therapy to prevent depression from ruining your life.

Treating depression based on dream therapy usually takes 6 to 8 months. Some people get healed faster, others take more time. It all depends on your psychological situation and your living conditions. However, the translation of dreams will definitely heal you sooner or later.

You won't waste your time with this method. This is guaranteed because your doctor is the spirit of God. The wisdom of the subconscious definitely removes all doubts that God really exists. If you don't believe my words, study my dynamic method of instant dream translation for a while and translate at least one sentence from one of your dreams. You will discover the unconscious holiness in a dream picture, paying attention to all the details.

A dream consists of many complex images based on a different logic. The logic of the dream is based on the unconscious sacred logic, which is far superior and cannot be compared to our silly logic, which is based on selfishness. We are animals. The wise unconscious is perfect. We have to learn how unconscious logic works to understand the meaning of dreams.

On the one hand, the translation of dreams is based on our ability to understand the meaning of most dream symbols. On the other hand, it is based on the monitoring of unconscious logic.

If you understand the subconscious logic, you can easily understand the meaning of all dreams, even if you ignore the meaning of many dream symbols. You can discover its meaning by retelling many details using the dream symbols you already know.

For example, here is the dream of a depressed young woman after discovering that her boyfriend is having an affair:

"There's an apple on the table, but it's too big and I don't like it. Then I'll take the bus. I think I'm going to meet an old friend. Only my mother was waiting for me." the end of the journey. "

Now let me translate the meaning of this dream:

The apple stands for wisdom. The dreamer didn't like the big apple because he couldn't accept his wisdom. She didn't want to understand that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

She takes the bus because her life follows a well-known route that can only have the same end. It doesn't have many alternatives. This means that she has to change her way of thinking and acting in order to be happy in life. If she follows the route she is now following, she will not get positive results.

While she believes that at the end of her journey she will find an old friend who is her animus (perfect match), at the end of her journey she meets her mother, who is her enemy of conscience.

The anti-conscience is the wild and evil side of human conscience that has not developed like our human side. The fact that the dreamer has finally met her mother means that she is controlled by her enemy of conscience. Therefore, she cannot accept his wisdom. She still doesn't want to believe that she has to forget her boyfriend because he doesn't love her.

Now let's analyze the characteristics of his personality. She doesn't want to believe in something uncomfortable because she's in love. However, this attitude is silly. The dreamer needs to understand his situation.

The unconscious shows the dreamer that she has to be realistic.

Let us now analyze the unconscious messages. The apple stands for wisdom. It is a very positive dream symbol. Since the dreamer saw a big apple in a dream, the meaning of this dream has been positive. She had already understood that her friend was not loyal to her. It cannot ignore this truth any further.

Even if the end of the dream is negative because she meets her mother, the fact that she saw a big apple at the beginning of the dream is very positive. The meaning of the dream symbols is always the same regardless of the interpretation of the dreamer. A big apple in a dream represents true wisdom. This means that the dreamer really had an important lesson, even if she doesn't want to accept the truth.

The subconscious will help him deal with this difficult situation. Your next dreams will be about your friend's personality. The subconscious will analyze his personality in different ways and show him who he really is.

She will understand many truths that she could not see before. This knowledge will remove the idol she had thought of when she thought of her boyfriend. After analyzing her personality, she will understand her mistakes and will not be able to avoid many lies.

That way she will stop loving him. She will then look for the man she will really like.

Your depression will go away with all your knowledge. She won't look at her boyfriend with the same ignorant eyes as before.

This is how dream therapy works. Let us now hope that the dreamer stops seeing her mother in her dreams and that she has many dreams with positive dream symbols.

Unconscious logic shows the dreamer that she shouldn't regret to learn that her boyfriend cheated on her because this fact was an important lesson for her life. The big apple is a very positive dream symbol, even if the dreamer didn't like it.

The big apple means that this lesson makes life smarter. She will understand many important truths that will be crucial for the rest of her life.

After experiencing this bitter experience, she will be able to figure out how to find her perfect match and relationship. This bitter experience was an important lesson in life that will help him find real happiness in life without believing in illusions.

The unconscious supported the dreamer and showed her that this deception was not the end of the world. It was a bitter experience that gave him valuable knowledge. For the moment it will stop being superficial. She will seriously seek the right relationship for herself without falling into hidden traps.

This example shows you the basics of unconscious psychotherapy. The unconscious is a holy doctor who shows you that nothing is more important than the transformation of your personality. Indeed, all bitter experiences are important moral lessons that will turn you into a wiser person.

In short, subconscious treatment removes your depression by giving you important information that will heal your wounds. You will be enlightened by all the knowledge you acquire. You are also encouraged to start a new life without repeating the same mistakes.

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