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Information and symptoms

There are many causes of ringworm, but dermatophytes cause 90% of nail fungus infections. Dermatophytes are common causes of infections such as athlete's foot, which can infect nails. This is the same fungus as many ringworms. Dermatophytes are a fungal infection that affects the skin and hair, but not the underlying body tissue.

These fungal infections can easily be transmitted through contact with the infection or objects such as shoes, carpets, changing rooms and shower floors, nail files, etc. A ringworm of the nails or a fungal infection is a long-term fungal disease that is difficult to treat and affects one of the other nails on the feet or hands. The toenails are more often infected when they are injured or ingrown. They are also more often infected than toenails because they are near the ground, grow more slowly, and are usually warm and dry when wet, like socks and shoes.

Some scientific terms for the ringworm of the toenails and nails are dermatophytosis unguium, tinea unguium, onychomycosis. The fungus feeds on keratin in the nails and the outer layer of the skin. As a rule, you can diagnose a ringworm based on the nails of the thickened, whitish nail and the nail bed. The infected area can also thicken, deform and become dull. The fungal infection causes nail tears, stains, streaks and discoloration. You can see yellow streaks under the nail and a build-up of nails and the surrounding skin. Ringworm in these areas is often unsightly and can cause permanent damage. If left untreated, it can spread to other fingers or toes and to the surrounding skin.

Ringworm of the nail is usually treated with antifungals. Infections can be mild and simple creams or hair sprays are applied directly to the infected area. Sometimes antifungals are necessary because the infection is too serious. In the most severe cases, the nail should be removed and the nail bed treated with an antifungal. Some natural options are tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract. These work well together and are very effective against ringworm and fungal infections. Tea tree oil can penetrate deep into the nail bed and remove the antifungal grapefruit seed oil. You just dip your nails in the oil and the oils do the rest.

The ringworm of the nails is an unpleasant infection, but if you treat it early, you have a much better chance of eradicating the fungal infection without medical help.

How to control fungal infections of the feet

The feet are abused every day and everyone takes them for granted. It is the ugly stepchildren who are rarely noticed or cared for, except in the case of a major problem. Usually the only time they get attention is to paint and cut the nails. If you are a type, it is rare for you to cut your toenails.

Common problems can include cracks, pain, and itching. As a rule, this means that a fungal infection has settled on the sole or between the toes. Burning, itching and flaking can be annoying and even painful.

The athlete's foot is generally the culprit and can be more common among people swimming or showering in public spaces. For sports enthusiasts, an athlete's foot is a fungus that infects the feet and causes itching, dandruff, and redness, especially on the toes. Over the counter topical medications can be used for treatment. If the area does not improve, oral medication prescribed by a doctor may be required.

Another area where yeast infections can occur is the nail. If one or more of your toenails become discolored or abnormal; a fungus can be the cause. In some cases, the nail becomes yellowish and opaque. After a while, the nail becomes brittle and can even come off the toe. Immediate attention is required to treat the area with topical or oral medication. The toe fungus is difficult to treat, so it is important to get rid of it immediately.

If you have diabetes, it is very important to keep up to date with fungal problems. Your feet should be inspected daily. Appropriate care and maintenance is strongly recommended. This includes regular cleaning, inspection and treatment of cuts, wounds and fungal infections. If an infection is left untreated, serious problems can arise along the way.

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