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Propecia supplements and hair loss prevention therapies could really help treat alopecia

When it comes to understanding how Propecia hair loss prevention and treatment can actually help treat alopecia, people should first understand that many men and women will ultimately face the problem. male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, as many women as men are forced to deal with the problem of such alopecia in their lives.

The main reason for understanding alopecia - the official term for hair loss in men - is that the condition is mainly caused by the interaction in the scalp between the hair follicles and certain hormones. especially dihydrotestosterone, commonly abbreviated DHT. The relationship between hormones and hair follicles is well documented.

What we do know is that sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone from hair follicles in men and women leads to androgenic alopecia. This is not always the case because certain other genetic and environmental factors can play a role. Indeed, recent studies claim to show a link between exercise and hair loss in connection with androgenic alopecia.

This connection may not be as strong as some scientists believe. Other studies tend to show that the main reason for alopecia is actually hair follicle sensitivity to DHT. In any case, men and women who are in the mirror and see their hair begin to leave their scalp should know that there are certain natural substances that can help.

When talking about propecia as a therapy to prevent and reverse the effects of androgenic alopecia, women should know that this particular drug is for men only. You shouldn't really use it to touch it. However, you should also be aware that there are other forms of therapy that are just as effective for you as for men.

In women, it has been shown that a wide range of predominantly natural supplements combined with certain substances on the scalp that contain an FDA-approved drug called minoxidil are extremely effective in the treatment of androgenic alopecia, which appears. in men and women. Both genders should be comforted by the fact that there are many therapies available today.

Propecia's hair loss prevention and therapies can actually help treat the alopecia seen in men. For women as for men, there are other substances that are just as - if not more effective than products that contain the drug under the trade name Propecia. Women should never use Propecia as it is only for men. However, women and men have other options.

The best baldness treatment for men

Baldness in men usually affects the forehead and crown areas of the scalp. This form of baldness is very common in men and is known as male baldness. Male pattern baldness can be treated. The following is one of the best treatments for baldness in men.

This baldness treatment involves the combination of three drugs that have become very popular due to their high effectiveness as a drug for baldness. These three drugs are Procerin, Rogaine and Ketoconazole. Individually, these drugs can cure hair loss, but when combined, they can solve even the most complicated hair loss situation. We'll review each of these drugs and link their function to hair regrowth.

The first drug, Procerin, is an anti-androgen. These drugs control the level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the blood. DHT is formed through a complex pathway that involves an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase and testosterone. The enzyme hydrolyzes testosterone to DHT. DHT circulates freely in the body and when it reaches the hair follicles, it sticks to it. The presence of DHT on the walls of the follicles shrinks them. DHT also constricts the blood vessels supplying the follicles so that the blood reaching the follicles is reduced. When a patient is treated with Procerin, the drug inhibits the enzyme involved in the formation of DHT. This reduces the concentration of DHT in the blood, which leads to increased blood flow to the hair follicles, which stimulates them to let their hair grow.

The next Rogaine drug is a vasodilator. Rogaine contains the drug Minoxidil as an active ingredient. Minoxidil dilates the blood vessels that feed the hair follicles. The result is that more blood flows to the follicles, providing them with more oxygen and nutrients, which increases hair growth. Minoxidil also plays a role in cell function by opening certain potassium ion channels. These potassium ion channels are responsible for increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that enter the follicles, causing the follicles to lose hair quickly in the telogen phase and make room for new and thicker growth. Hair.

The last ingredient, ketoconazole, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, as well as properties that stimulate the hair follicle. This medication helps remove harmful pathogens that accumulate in the hair oil sebum. These pathogens (fungi and bacteria) can germinate and penetrate the hair follicles, triggering immune reactions that lead to the destruction of the hair follicles and lead to hair loss and baldness. Ketoconazole also plays a vital role in eliminating dandruff. Dandruff can irritate and itch the skin of the scalp, which can lead to scratches and hair loss.

When used in combination, these three drugs can treat any type of baldness, including baldness that has reached an advanced stage. This combination can also be used to solve hair loss problems caused by the disease and weakened immune system. This combination of medications helps to first remove the cause of the baldness and then ensure that the hair follicles are well-nourished and healthy hair growth begins.

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