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Natural remedies for nail fungus

How to use the ingredients at home

Our hands are often what people see first because people speak with their hands when they speak. Nail fungi can be easily absorbed as they are common in gyms, schools and public facilities. A number of home remedies for fingernail fungus have been discussed in health newsletters. Let's take a look at some of them.

Grapefruit seed extract is a wonderful antifungal. It is available in the form of a spray and a pipette in health food stores. Apply to infected areas two to three times a day. There are also capsules to fight internal fungal infections, which can be systemic.

Another remedy you can try is mixing olive oil and oregano. Oregano oil is not just for pizza. It is also used by some to fight bronchitis and respiratory infections.

The apple cider vinegar cures were popularized by Jarvis in his book on folk remedies. To use apple cider vinegar for nail fungus, you need to mix it in warm water and dip the nails in the solution.

All of these agents can also be used to treat toenail fungus. With your feet, remember not to stay in wet socks after your workout. The mushroom likes moisture. It is also helpful for women to avoid nylon stockings, as the feet can sweat and retain moisture and spread the infection. If you can wear cotton socks with pants, it's better because it doesn't block sweat.

A new germ theory

Given the swine flu that makes headlines every day, I think it's instructive to pick up on some of the other scary germs we've been threatened with in recent decades and see what we can learn. There was bird flu before swine flu. Before that there were SARS, anthrax, smallpox, E. coli, Ebola, almost annual forecasts of the "worst flu season ever", legionnaires' disease, swine flu in 1976, virus eaters. Most of these "deadly viruses" were introduced into potential pandemics by the media and the CDC , but each collapsed within weeks or months and fell out of the news cycle. I wonder: are the people running the CDC paranoid or are they trying to scare us away from germs for some reason?

To justify their annual "pandemic screams", these paranoid germophobes have always localized the Spanish flu of 1918, which killed millions of people worldwide. However, recent evidence suggests that people who died this flu season actually did die of a streptococcal infection that is not a flu but a bacterium. This "flu" also occurred at the end of the First World War. Antibiotics had not yet been invented, the worldwide stress was enormous, millions of fathers, sons and husbands were killed during the war, the sanitary facilities were poor and tens of thousands of soldiers lived in trenches for months cold and mushy. It goes without saying that the situation was a little different from today.

So why should our health officials call out a pandemic to a small epidemic anywhere? I think the most likely reason is to sell a lot of drugs. When the media tackles a germ, public panic and the government have to react. The only way to know how to react is to keep medication and vaccines. The pharmaceutical companies are very pleased. Then the story is given up and a year later a new germ has emerged.

What we all have to remember is that germs like big cats attack the weak. People with a strong immune system are not even caught, let alone die from these germs. However, this is actually a simplification. The truth is that in many cases we don't get any germs. rather, it is our body that creates them.

The human body is not sterile - and it shouldn't be. A healthy human body has about 4 pounds of bacteria that live in symbiosis with the cells you consider "you". That means you actually have more bacteria in your body than cells! Killing these friendly insects disturbs the delicate balance of your inner ecology and inevitably leads to yeast and fungal infections.

Bacteria have a life cycle that spans up to 13 different stages. This process is somewhat similar to a tadpole that turns into a frog, but bacteria cycle up and down several times during their life. Where you are in this cycle depends on the terrain in which you live. The simplest form these germs take is known as prions, but when they become necessary, they become bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. It's a little known but observable fact known as pleomorphism, everything in the life cycle has a purpose - including germs. For example, prions are necessary so that cells can divide. Without them, life could never have settled on this planet. Bacteria also have a purpose. When bacteria fall on dead or diseased tissue, they eat it and convert it to earth. This is how dead plants and animals decompose. This recycling process is absolutely necessary for life on earth to continue. It is a beautiful, autonomous system, the same thing happens in your body. If you have diseased tissue like swollen tonsils, bacteria will move through this area to start the recycling process. But they don't cause the problem any more than rats that do garbage. They are there to clear up the mess. They are there because you accidentally created the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, just like leaving garbage creates the perfect breeding ground for rats. The cause of the problem was something else like toxins, stress, too much sugar in the diet etc. (for the 7 causes of all diseases, visit my website).There are often symptoms that coincide with this cleansing process, which we interpret as an illness. Fever, swollen tonsils, mucous membranes, cough ... But these symptoms are an essential part of the healing process. Each serves a purpose and is part of your body's infinite wisdom. If your doctor wipes your throat and finds bacteria there, he interprets it as an infection and gives you an insecticide (antibiotics). This relieves your symptoms, which you interpret as a remedy, but also stops the healing process. The tissue is still sick and the germs will come back at some point. After all, it's their job. And, as mentioned earlier, it also causes overgrowth of yeast and fungal infections, which are much more difficult to fix.

Does pleomorphism explain all infectious processes? No, but that explains most of them. Even Louis Pasteur, the notorious Germophobe he was, retired from his life's work on his deathbed. He said: "The germ is nothing; the soil is everything." So pay attention to your terrain and forget about the germ.

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