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Market launch for new knee arthritis treatment

APOS device receives funding

APOS Medical & Sports Technology Ltd., an Israeli company, recently announced that it has raised $ 8 million in venture capital to develop and commercialize its unique device for treating osteoarthritis in people with knee pain. Pitango Venture Capital, a large venture capital firm based in Israel, made the investment. The venture capitalist is used to investing in successful technology companies with more than 120 holdings since 1993.

The APOS device is designed to treat osteoarthritis of the knee by creating multidirectional instability. The device looks like a shoe with two hemispheres glued to the sole. APOS is an abbreviation for "All Phases of the Stage Cycle" and was developed by Dr. Avi Elbaz and Dr. Amit Mor developed in Israel. The development of the device has been going on for over 10 years.

The APOS device, which contains the hemispherical beads, is attached to the patient's shoes. The platform balls create an unstable gait and imitate natural walking on uneven surfaces. Although it seems strange, instability relieves pain and strengthens a person's muscles. Patients use the APOS device for 30 to 60 minutes a day. When the patient is using the device, the instability forces the patient's body to align properly, which reduces pain. In addition, the person's muscles are recycled, resulting in improved movement and function. The treatment is carried out by specially trained physiotherapists and includes a computer-assisted gait analysis.

Clinical studies have shown that the device improves posture and walking and relieves joint pain in the knees and other legs. The system was developed according to the concept of functional rehabilitation. The APOS device simulates real living conditions in which many current techniques teach patients to stand in a clinic. The APOS designers tried to simulate how mammals rehabilitate in the wild.

APOS has carried out tests that have shown that the platform can do this

* Reduce knee pain intensity by 66% after eight weeks

* Eliminate most lower back pain in 70% of patients

* Improve the patient's quality of life by significantly improving joint function

Drs. Elbaz and Mor have seen more than 20,000 patients with the APOS device so far. Half of the treatments were carried out in Israel. In 2009, the company also conducted a commercial study in Australia with Bupa, Australian largest private health insurance company. As a result of the study, the companies founded APOSTherapy, an independent member of the Association of British Healthcare Industries.

Dr. Mor, CEO of APOS, said: "The product has many uses. It can be used to stabilize, improve athlete performance and prevent knee injuries." The device can also treat knee damage caused by aging, sports injuries or accidents.

To date, APOS has marketed its product in New Zealand, Singapore and Australia, where it operates the largest British private health insurance company, BUPA Ltd. cooperates. APOS intends to use the proceeds of Pitango's investment to fund the launch of its device in other countries, particularly Australia, Germany and New Zealand. APOS is currently applying for approval from the US FDA.

Arthritis remedy

Arthritis is commonly referred to as joint inflammation. A joint is a part of the body that is connected by two bones and allows the movement of that particular part of the body. When inflammation occurs in these joints, it is usually accompanied by pain and can also be accompanied by swelling, stiffness in the joint area, and redness. The most popular types of arthritis are osteoarthritis (joint inflammation due to bone wear) and rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammation due to an overactive immune system), as well as the causes of arthritis can vary depending on age, injury, hereditary disease, infection and much more. Arthritis is indiscriminate and can affect everyone, nobody is immune to the disease and it can affect men, women and children.

A doctor can diagnose arthritis through blood tests, X-rays, and urine tests. These tests and the symptoms expressed by the patient are evaluated by the doctor so that an accurate assessment can be made. Early diagnosis is always best before irreparable damage or disability occurs. With an early diagnosis, a person can still live a comfortable life. Some methods of fighting arthritis include exercise, acupuncture, massage, and use of ice or cool packs, if necessary, high consumption of garlic and turmeric, known for their properties. Anti-inflammatory drugs. This list is by no means exhausted and is only a few of the methods available.

Some theories attempt to show that there is a link between diet and arthritis, suggesting that an unhealthy diet, particularly a high cholesterol and fat diet, contributes to arthritis conditions. While this can be argued for certain types of arthritis, there are many different types of arthritis, it can be difficult to determine which diet is applicable to which arthritis. In addition to a healthy diet that is usually important, there are many medications to treat arthritis; This can include prescribed medications or formulas, or natural remedies that are available without a prescription.

People are becoming more and more aware of the side effects of prescribed medications and are attracted to natural medications like Synotrex. These drugs are usually readily available and affordable. They not only aim to treat arthritis effectively, they also have a preventive effect against arthritis.

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