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A luteal phase defect is a period in a woman's menstrual cycle that lies between ovulation and menstruation. In a pregnant woman, the fertilized egg is transported from the fallopian tube into the uterus for implantation. This phase usually lasts fourteen days and can last an average of ten to seventeen days. If a woman's luteal phase lasts less than ten days, she is considered a luteal phase defect. However, some doctors think it can be dangerous if it falls below twelve days. If a woman gets pregnant and then goes through this phase, she will experience an early miscarriage.

This particular defect cannot support pregnancy because the uterine lining of the affected women begins to break, cause menstrual bleeding and lead to an early miscarriage. There can be several reasons for this, which can be identified after a medical analysis. According to statistical data, the main reason for this type of defect is the low progesterone level. This can be corrected if a doctor does a progesterone test seven days after ovulation to determine how defective she can be and find a solution.

Clomid is closely related to the prevention of luteal phase defect, the most common remedy and has been prescribed by many doctors. Clomiphene has been prescribed by doctors for oral use. It is known that this medication supports the post-ovulation cycle, which in turn helps to increase the production of progesterone, which is beneficial because it helps to prolong and maintain the luteal phase. But if this phase is too short, miscarriage is inevitable. The failure of the luteal phase leads to an interruption of natural ovulation, which leads to a low production of the hormone progesterone in the ice. Clomid helps improve hypothalamic and pituitary functions to continue to produce the hormones that the ovary needs to supply progesterone throughout the phase, leading to ovulation.

Fertility limits

I hate being in limbo. I'm an all-or-nothing girl, black or white. "GO BIG or GO HOME" has always been my personal motto.

Not being able to get pregnant took me to hell.

My feelings went like this:

When I couldn't get pregnant right away, I was nervous. My mother got pregnant when she tried me and my brother. It should have been easy for me. I expected it to be easy.

But it wasn't, so I went straight to the doctor for help.

When I started Clomid I was happy. It sounds strange, but I always wanted twins and it would improve my chances. The universe gave me what I wanted. Goal!

But the months passed and Clomid didn't work, so I got scared. I didn't want to do anything else. I started clinging to Clomid as a safety blanket.

It wasn't long before my black and white personality, all or nothing, took over my fear. I was immediately very frustrated. I'll have a baby or not, but I just want to know !! Enough to be in limbo! Either I want to get pregnant or I know I will never do it so I can go on with my life. The next day I called the IVF clinic.

The months of this type of fertility weakness seem to be the longest in your life. Every month is like a year. Why? Because you want your current reality to be different from what it is, and that's the definition of hell.

Think of your life as 3 bubbles in a row. The bubble on the left is the past. The middle bubble is the present. And the bubble on the right is the future. You can only live in one bubble at a time. If you focus on what will happen, you will leave the current bubble and live in the future bubble. The problem is that your current bubble is empty. You are so busy in the future that you cannot experience your present because you are not there. I don't know anything about you, but when I am really interested in something (I remember university lessons - a good one, where I take notes and really listen), time flies by. When I look (again, I imagine I'm in a boring class where I'm completely separate and thinking about all the things I like to do), the time is lagging behind.

If you experience this change daily, it is time to re-engage with your presence. Return to the current bubble. Experience it and find ways to use it. I was lucky that Oprah and Eckhart Tolle made a web series on this concept during this time. It is available on iTunes. Check out his book A Whole New Earth and go online if you need help connecting to the present - or as Tolle calls it: The Now.

It is your ticket from hell from limbo.

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