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Learn what causes infertility and how you respond to it

Infertility factors in men and women

Infertility in men and women can have different causes and reasons, but extensive testing and treatment can positively cure any infertility problems they have. To diagnose the causes of infertility, both men and women must undergo diagnostic tests to identify the cause or the reason why they cannot become pregnant.

Diagnostic tests in men are a simple procedure. Men should be alone in a room to collect sperm, determine the number of sperm, analyze the shape and determine the motility of the sperm. The causes of human infertility can be identified in this sample. If white blood cells are present in the semen, this can be another reason for infertility. The white blood cells in the seed indicate an infection. When sperm count is low, doctors usually order another diagnostic test to check if men are positive about varicocele or abnormal blood vessels in the scrotum, which explains the low sperm count.

Complexity plays a role in determining female infertility. A physical test like Pap smear or Gram stain can show whether they have an infection that can cause the sperm to fail to reach the egg in the fallopian tubes. This infection can also cause pelvic scars that can prevent ovulation and fertilization. An irregular menstrual cycle can also indicate infertility problems or a rare ovulation caused by a hormonal imbalance that prevents women from becoming pregnant.

Better nutrition can increase the likelihood of pregnancy

If men and women already know the main reason for their sterility, it is easier to find the right type of infertility treatment, procedure, and medication to use to get pregnant. If both men and women naturally help deal with their infertility problems, they should first try to start a healthy diet that ensures healthy sperm count and good ovulation. Alcohol, smoking and the use of prohibited drugs could reduce the likelihood of pregnancy for men and women by almost 70%. If too much milk and meat products are not consumed too much, they are more likely to overcome infertility and become pregnant. Another factor that can help you get pregnant is changing your lifestyle. For overweight couples, both partners should start exercising and eating healthy foods. Obesity is now only one of the main causes of male and female infertility.

Treatment of natural infertility

When men and women learn what causes infertility in their situation, what other natural factors can sterile couples do to increase their fertility? Studies show that stress and anxiety can lead to hormonal imbalance. For sterile couples, it is advisable to spend moments of relaxation. Whether you're playing sports or walking in the park, these activities can provide couples with the kind of relaxation their bodies need to produce healthy eggs and sperm. A balanced diet and a regular intake of vitamins increase the chances of pregnancy. In addition, men and women should eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids that promote fertility. The use of natural treatments offers a cost-effective alternative to overcoming infertility problems.

Treatment of female infertility

Treatment of female infertility is increasing today in couples trying to conceive but unable to conceive due to fertility problems in women. Infertility is a physical and emotional disaster for women if they don't recover from the disease. It ruins their lives and makes them helpless in all conception efforts. Fortunately, there are fertility treatments and medications on the market that will help you be treated effectively.

Ovulatory problems are responsible for most cases of female infertility. Ovulation problems lead to zero fertilization of the eggs. If the woman is suffering from problems related to the pituitary or thyroid glands, this could be enough to conclude that fertilization cannot take place, as these glands release essential hormones that are essential for the proper functioning of the human body and the regulation of the Menstrual cycle are responsible for egg fertilization. Clomid & Pergonal are effective medications to stimulate ovulation.

There are several causes of infertility, but if you want to get over it, here are some suggestions you should follow to get infertility treatment:

1. Control your body weight - obesity is one of the main causes of infertility, among many other causes. To get infertility treatment, you first need to change your lifestyle. You need to move and lose fat not only to stay in good physical shape but also to be in good health to father children. Watch your food intake and throw away sugary foods like soft drinks and sodas, as well as junk foods like burgers, roasted meats and fries. These things do not provide you with the strength and energy necessary for the fertilization process. Eat a balanced diet, including all types of fruits and vegetables that need to be consumed in varying amounts to get the most out of the nutrients and minerals of all types of healthy foods.

2. Use a fertility drug - Clomid is one of the most anticipated and best fertility drugs on the market. Not only is it inexpensive, it is also very useful to achieve successful pregnancies. It is a 5-day course to take this tablet once a day. It can only be taken orally and has promising results.

3. Diabetes medication - Certain medications to control diabetes or regulate insulin levels in the body of women have been shown to treat infertility, particularly PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). However, these medications should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular workouts.

4. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) - IVF may offer the best and greatest pregnancy opportunities and give doctors better control over relative multiple births. However, it is a very expensive method of treatment.

5. Genetic preimplantation diagnostics - also called PID - is a method of assisted reproductive technology that is used in artificial insemination to induce the ovaries and become pregnant. This method involves a complete physical examination of the fallopian tubes, vagina, cervix, ovaries and body hormones to determine all hormonal problems and then seek treatment. Such a diagnosis is made before embryo implantation, sometimes even before fertilization. It is one of the safest methods for assisted reproductive technology, where the risk of an abnormal birth or birth defect is negligible. The success of this technology depends directly on the age of the woman. If the woman is older than 35 years, the probability that the required chromosomes come from the embryo is reduced by up to 50%.

6.Operation - Ovarian drilling is a surgical method when a woman's hormonal system stops responding or does not produce enough ovaries after medication or treatment-related stimulation. This process also recognized that laparoscopy can lower male hormones and increase the likelihood of ovulation.

7. ICSI - ICSI is also called an artificial insemination method to get pregnant without intercourse. It is often a very expensive design method. The sperm are collected in small tubes by a sperm donor or a husband and then washed by separating living healthy sperm from the dead. The embryologist then selects a living sperm with a microscopic needle and carefully introduces it into the outer shell of the egg entering the inner shell. This method has a success rate of 70% to 80% and varies again depending on the state of health, physical condition or emotional state of the patient.

8. IUI - is also an artificial insemination method in which sperm is injected with syringes or cervical caps from a sperm donor or husband directly on and over the vagina. This process has a success rate of around 10% to 20%. It is a relatively inexpensive and inexpensive method of treating infertility.

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