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I have to ask you if you want a really big penis or not. And your friends?

I have a big penis, but it wasn't always that big. I learned to get fat, and so did you. I will share with you why this is important.

Most men want a long penis. They think length is so important. It may be that the children in school who grew up before the rest of us seem to get the most attention from the girls. I think that happens to a lot of men. We think a longer penis is the best way to reach women. After all, we saw how the girls reacted to the big boys during the day.

But now I have to tell you that I thought about it and started reading what is best for a woman's pleasure. That is, is a long penis really the best type of penis for your friend's pleasure? You see, it's not always a long penis that big. To be honest, I have to share this pleasure with you: many girls are in pain when they let off steam with a man with a long fishing rod. Although the basic anatomy for women is the same, each woman's honey tunnel is different, unique, and very special. Some have a long tunnel and others a less long tunnel. If your daughter has a short honey tunnel and you have a long honey probe, you could hurt her and her machines in your pocket during your fun time together. No real man wants to hurt his sweetheart in any way.

It is true Some women leave a man because his penis is too long. It is not good. Believe me, you won't show off your long penis if women leave you because of it.

This is why I decided to get a bigger penis instead of a longer one. If you had paid attention to sex education, you would have learned what it takes to give a girl the most pleasure. I didn't pay attention to school and I should have done it. But I took the time to learn the truth after realizing that I made a lot of mistakes. Here for you if you are not careful at school:

Our friends have something like our penis. This is called the clitoris. It's like a miniature penis. It is right above the entrance to their honey tunnel. When a man's ship enters and leaves the harbor, he moves a layer up and down on his clitoris and gives him a lot of pleasure. The way we feel when our ship enters and leaves its port.

This clitoris is the main event of sexual pleasure for your wife. This is where his sexual pleasure really occurs. It's like a fun party for her, everything in this little corner.

Now a man with a long penis won't do much to stimulate that magic button on your daughter. But a man with a large penis can press this magic button every time he enters and exits his honey tunnel. "Fatty" will always be a welcome guest to this wonderful party and he has an open invitation. This is interesting information, believe me.

So now you know why lying is not always better. But if you gain weight, you are more likely to please your wife as much as possible. I'm trying to teach you that, now we want to know what it takes to get fat, right? Yes. All a man needs is two hands, some time and the right information. This information you need is about natural penis enlargement methods. But more specifically, the milking method. This method is an easy way for a man to milk his penis as if he were treating a cash cow. However, instead of spilling milk, more blood drags into the special tissue of the penis. This milking action pushes more blood into the penis. As more blood is introduced, the special tissues of the penis begin to change so that more blood can be retained in them. You see, this is how the body works, it reacts to changes in the system. It's like a man's heart. When the main arteries that carry blood to the heart are blocked, the body begins to form new ones! If it is fast enough to breed new ones, you will not have a heart attack. But if you try too hard, you can get a heart attack. So relax if you are an old timekeeper.Now you have to realize that a large penis is a great item in your sex kit. Women are more likely to benefit, and that is what matters most. You will also be invited to other parties. Think about your friends and what they will like most. Be like a gentleman who opens the door to a lady. Always put your needs and desires before your own needs. You appreciate such a man.

Milking is easy and the equipment you can find to do these things is fairly plentiful. I suggest the Iron Man Penis book, it also worked very well with other techniques. All sorts of things to do what you want with your fishing gear.

Like natural penis enlargement exercises cured my erectile dysfunction - I went from 5.5 "to addicted

I used natural penis enlargement exercises to increase my penis size from very disappointing to less than 5.5 inches long and slightly less than 5 inches wide, to be very well equipped in terms of length and girth by everyone's standards. I wasn't sure about the size of my penis in my youth and early twenties, but I never knew that real and legitimate penis enlargement was possible until the age of 24. I only knew stories of disappointment and fraud in the form of pills, pumps and other harmful devices. The worst thing for me about a small penis was the fact that my insecurity and anxiety led to moderate erectile dysfunction due to my short stature. It was especially common when I tried to have sex with a girl for the first time. I would be so worried about how she would react to my size that I wouldn't even be tough!

When I was 24 I started doing natural penis enlargement exercises using only my hands, which made me go from 5.5 inches to very well hung. I also completely and permanently cured my problems with erectile dysfunction. These exercises can solve this problem in two ways.

1. Improved circulation and muscle strength of the PC. Some of the penis enlargement exercises I've done have resulted in enlargement of the chambers and vessels that clog my penis with blood during an erection. If I enlarged them, there could be more blood flowing into my penis than I was getting excited, so I had bigger, harder and firmer erections. In the first week up to 10 days of penis exercises, I noticed much more spontaneous erections. Sometimes I was sitting at my desk at work thinking casually about sex. From time to time I got so strong erections that I had to go underground to the bathroom to ... you know. Another part of my penis exercise routine was doing exercises to strengthen the PC muscles at the base of my penis. These muscles actually control your erection, and when you get stronger, so do your erections. I know that was the case with me.

2. Eliminate my insecurity and fear of performance. The main reason I struggled with erectile dysfunction when I had a small penis was not the actual health of my penis or any other physical reason, although the natural enlargement of the penis also optimizes everything. The main reason why my penis does not always work What became hard when I needed it was that I could not concentrate on all the fun of sex as I should have, but that my mind was always focused on the size of my penis and girls. I knew I was under the average 6.5 inches in size; From simple statistical analysis, I knew that all the girls I slept with had former partners who were much taller than me. It bothered me and slowed my performance. Natural exercises put an end to this. When I saw my penis get bigger, thicker, and stiffer when I got an erection, I stopped worrying about a negative reaction and I was really looking forward to getting hard. and show the big piece of meat that I wanted to give him! Then the erections came easily and frequently! Even better, since I noticed my first gains in length and girth in just two weeks, my erectile dysfunction problem began to improve quickly too!

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