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Hypnosis of sexual dysfunction

It's a problem that most people don't want to talk about, but sexual dysfunction is real - and more common than you might think. It is estimated that 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. In addition, the American Medical Association says that about 43% of women have had some form of sexual dysfunction.

Unfortunately, sexual dysfunction can be a difficult problem because it presents itself in many different ways. People who suffer from it can experience various symptoms - from decreased arousal, inability to get an erection, pain during intercourse, and inability to achieve orgasm. The problem becomes more complicated, and after years of active and normal sex life, many people suddenly become victims of the problem.

While many people think that sexual dysfunction is a physical problem, it is not always the case. In fact, there is often something psychological that causes the problem.

This is why hypnosis is so effective for sexual dysfunction!

If you seem to have tried all ED treatments, hypnosis of erectile dysfunction may be the perfect solution. Whether you need erectile dysfunction or some other form of treatment for sexual dysfunction, hypnosis attacks problems the same way - by addressing your subconscious.

In many cases, an incident from your past affects your sex life today. If so, hypnosis is the only way to really get rid of the problem.


Your subconscious mind is like a giant filing cabinet that records everything you've ever experienced - big or small. Your subconscious mind remembers much more than your conscious mind. Something you don't even remember consciously can play a role in your sexual problem.

During the hypnosis of sexual dysfunction, dig into your subconscious and look for an event that may have led to your current problems. It can be as simple as an embarrassing sexual experience when you were younger, which made the idea of physical intimacy difficult now.

You may have had a strict religious upbringing. You may not notice, but all the talk about sex as sin can prevent you from having a normal sex life with your spouse.

Even a fleeting comment or criticism of your sexual abilities could be to blame - even if it didn't seem like much at the time.

Whatever the problem in the past, hypnotherapy can help you put your memory in perspective. By working with your hypnotist, you can teach your subconscious mind to tell the difference between healthy sexual experiences and these previous problems. If your subconscious can learn to separate the two, you cannot hold back your previous problems.

By teaching your subconscious mind to view your current sex life as a healthy and positive thing, you can enter any sexual experience with a feeling of peace and relaxation.

How to get an erection quickly

I suffered from erectile dysfunction and always wondered how I could get an erection quickly. I'll be in the bedroom, moments away from getting to know my partner, and the dreaded moment is coming for me to get it, I can't. This will soon be followed by all the embarrassment and humiliation I put on myself and the frustration and dissatisfaction of my partner.

Erectile dysfunction is the bane of the existence of every helpless man, but it is no longer mine. With all my personal research and consistent trial and error, I came across a few things that have helped me solve the problem when I need it:

* Think sexy thoughts: you will not have an erection if you are not on (or if you have to pee really badly). Forcibly force yourself to concentrate on this one sexy picture and think of nothing else than this one picture. Let your imagination run wild.

* Relax your body: if you are nervous and the adrenaline is pumping, your body is exactly the opposite of what your penis is: stiff. If your muscles are tense (especially in your genitals), this will restrict blood flow to your penis. Take a deep breath and let your body soften for a while.

* Focus on the feeling of wellbeing: when your penis is stimulated, focus on its incredible feeling. If you are not stimulated, try stimulating yourself. A lot of men are shy about such things, and I think erectile dysfunction is partly due to this shyness.

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