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How vitamin D affects penis well-being

Vitamin D, known as the sun, is rare in foods and never in large quantities. Vitamin D is actually a vital hormone for the body that ensures lasting health and well-being.

Forms of vitamin D derived from foods, such as vitamins D2 and D3, are converted into their active forms after exposure to the sun's UV-B rays. If you do not have enough sun, constantly eat foods that do not contain vitamins and minerals, and (if the climate so requires) constantly wear high-factor sunscreens, this can lead to a vitamin D deficiency. A vitamin D deficiency could result one of the causes of male sexual dysfunction and low fertility.

Vitamin D and testosterone

According to studies by the Medical University of Graz, Austria, vitamin D increases testosterone levels in men. In one study, 160 overweight men were given vitamin D for 12 months to test the effect of the nutrient on their hormone levels. At the end of the double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the men who received 3,332 IU of vitamin D per day had significantly higher testosterone levels than those who received the placebo. By increasing male hormone levels, men should increase their energy, vitality, libido and sexual performance. Supplementing the body with artificial testosterone can be both dangerous and expensive. Natural products like vitamin D, which increase testosterone production, are far more preferred for the majority of men who want to improve hormone levels.

Secret cause of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction and impotence are complicated conditions with many possible causes. physically, hormonally and mentally. Compared to other forms of treatment, vitamin D is one of the few vitamins that affect all of these causes. Vitamin D has a remarkable effect on the production of nitric oxide (NO); A chemical responsible for enlarging the blood vessels in the penis. Animal studies have shown that animals with vitamin D deficiency produce half the normal amount of NO compared to animals with normal vitamin D levels. Scientists from the Sunlight Institute, USA, have also found that vitamin D is effective in treating erectile dysfunction associated with cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, and heart attacks. Vitamin D is an effective protection for the entire cardiovascular system, including the penis, and vitamin D has been shown to reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 61%.

Sad winter blues

It is difficult to get up and feel when you feel down. Depression in men is a common and very strong cause of low libido and erectile dysfunction. While depression is psychogenic and purely emotional in many cases, the cause for many men is diet. People feel blue more often in the winter months, and one of the reasons for this is the decrease in vitamin D status in the body due to lower sun exposure. When the winter blues becomes so violent that a clinical diagnosis is required, this is called seasonal mood disorder (SAD) .Vitamin D supplementation is often the main treatment for men with SAD. In addition, scientists from the Medical University in Tehran, Iran, have found that vitamin D in combination with antidepressants is a more effective treatment for patients with severe depression than medication alone. So, to get spring back in your pace, improve your mood, and improve the effect between the sheets, vitamin D could be exactly what the doctor prescribed. Penis Health Cr? myPenis health creams are therapeutic products that support the connective tissue, blood circulation and the performance of the penis. It is not advisable to use most types of artificial chemicals in creams and soaps on the penis as the skin cells are very sensitive. Specialized male creams (most professionals recommend Man1Man oil) use nutrients like vitamin D in a shea butter base for quick absorption. This brings nutrients directly into the tissues that need them and promotes hormone production, healthy blood vessels and nerve sensitivity. For men who want to improve penile health in a natural and safe way, the use of penile health creams as the main source of vitamin D will support the entire reproductive system holistically.

Impotence related to alcohol, health related to alcohol and fertility - causes of erectile dysfunction

Impotence associated with alcohol is a well-known long-term effect that heavy drinkers, alcoholics and drug addicts suffer from in the long term. Alcohol abuse over a period of time damages the central nervous system. In addition to weakening the immune system, damaging the liver and kidneys, and negatively impacting memory and memory functions, heavy drinkers can suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Drinking alcohol in moderation is generally considered acceptable, and in small quantities, some health professionals even consider it useful. Fortunately, you can recover from alcohol impotence by detoxifying and using natural techniques. The extent to which you manage to increase your libido after heavy alcohol consumption depends on the damage you have done. A complete restoration of libido is only possible with herbal and natural methods.

Beat impotence in the face of alcohol

For some men, the immediate response to erectile dysfunction is to make an appointment with the doctor and a prescription can be issued. Given the effects that excessive alcohol consumption can have on your entire body, it's surprising that people believe that a little blue pill will repair long-term damage.

The cure for alcohol impotence is not achieved by swallowing a single pill. As soon as the effects of the pills disappear after two or three hours, you will become a helpless man again. Your erection will be blown away by the wind and nothing will be released.

Natural herbal stimulants

The good news is that your libido can fully recover to some extent, and possibly even after prolonged alcohol consumption. Natural methods can restore your body to a balanced function, and once your sexual desire returns, you may not even need to take herbal supplements anymore.

In addition, herbal supplements do not necessarily have to be taken at a specific time. For many people, Cialis online taking it daily is enough to restore libido health.

Improve libido

Drinking large amounts of alcohol causes huge drops of testosterone. The free testosterone level drops after heavy drinking. In addition, the damage to the internal organs of the body (kidneys, liver) is caused by persistent alcohol abuse, since vitamin B is reduced in the body.

Optimal hormone levels such as testosterone cannot be restored by the body if the internal organs are disturbed. In fact, many long-term drinkers develop soft bodies and sometimes even breasts due to a low level of free testosterone and a high level of estrogen. This is the reason for a low libido. Taking medication does not usually solve the problem of low testosterone levels in your body.

Natural solutions

Especially if you want to drink, give up entirely. Instead, you should now take a look at some herbal supplements that detoxify your liver and increase testosterone, as well as a strictly improved diet and strenuous exercise to boost your libido faster. It's worth it if you feel that your libido is brought back to life naturally. Excellent natural products like Tongkat Ali are very effective in increasing testosterone levels, detoxify your liverGiven the harm you can inflict on yourself through years of alcohol abuse, you shouldn't expect your body to recover quickly on its own. Depending on the damage, it takes a few months. The good news is that your liver can regenerate and repair itself. If you give him the help you need, you can regain your libido faster. By detoxifying your liver with natural solutions, you can regain your hormonal balance and healthier condition in less time. Reversing the impotence of alcohol is possible if you use the above techniques with other natural techniques and do without alcohol.

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