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How to make your own supplements for erectile dysfunction and impotence

This article will guide you through the process of making your own capsules for erectile dysfunction and impotence. I thought I would understand that from the start. It's about researching, buying the ingredients and making capsules, which saves you a fortune. All you need is a small kit to make capsules for around £ 20, empty capsules to fill, and a range of proven ingredients to improve sexual performance.

My written intent has never been to give you links to websites where you can buy materials and ingredients. It is your job. They have the largest directory and shopping center in the world. Do your homework and educate yourself. They will be richer and more powerful for the experience, I guarantee that.

To begin with, you need to look at as many branded erectile dysfunction products as you can find. Make a habit of copying the ingredients and quantities from the label and keep a Word document for future reference. You will see everything from Horny Goat Weed to Damiana Leaf to Saw Palmetto on most branded impotence products.

Once you have a list of ingredients that appear universal, look for everyone. There is a reason why every ED brand uses Saw Palmetto. I found out why. Do your homework and be thorough.

Once you have a complete list, go online and check the prices of each ingredient. You buy individual products in the form of capsules. Do not choose more than 6 ingredients to begin with (some erectile dysfunction products have 10 or more), but the first batch will be experimental for your use. You can add more ingredients if you want. After all, you have complete control over production.

Then you need a capsule filling device for capsules of size 00 and a supply of empty capsules (vegetable capsules or gelatin capsules). You have the choice.

Now you just have to do a little math. If a branded product you want to copy contains 200 mg of Saw Palmetto and the Saw Palmetto capsules you have purchased are 500 mg and you want to make 25 capsules of your own, you will need 10 capsules of 500 mg. The same applies if you want 100 mg of Damiana leaf powder. If the capsules you buy contain 500 mg, you will need 5 x 500 mg. A good idea is to create a small grid and list your ingredients and their weights. You can also write down the costs on this grid. The numbers will impress you.

In the end, you should put a number of purchased capsules in a small container that is ready to mix. A small non-slip bag is also sufficient. You can now recap the ingredients. Follow the instructions on the capsule device and you will be in production in no time. Store your first batch in a cool, dry place and use it as needed. Your research has again given you some ideas on how much to take, and another good tip is not to drink tea on both sides of the capsules for an hour, and avoid alcohol if possible.

I hope that helped. If you see how much each branded capsule costs and how much you can make yourself, you will be amazed.For more articles and information on controlling your life, go to:

The main causes of problems with erectile dysfunction

Sex life is very important for both men and women. It's not just about generation. A normal sex life maintains good mental relationships between the partners and ensures physical satisfaction. However, there are certain diseases that do not allow people to have a full sex life. One of them is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and / or maintain an erection for intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual disorder among men in Australia and around the world.

What are the causes of this man's problem? First of all, I have to say that there are many causes of erectile dysfunction and they are different. Sometimes men suffer from an erection problem caused by several factors at the same time. It becomes clear that in order to successfully treat this disease, it is necessary to identify the exact reasons that led to it. It is quite difficult for someone with erectile dysfunction to independently determine the cause of their problem. To do this, contact your doctor. The doctor will determine the exact cause of the erection problem in your situation.

As a rule, the causes of erectile dysfunction are divided into two main groups - physical and psychological. Physical causes are the most common. Physical reasons include certain diseases that alter the flow of blood to the penis and nerve fibers (diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure), hormonal imbalances, injuries to the penis and its surroundings, bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, consumption of certain prescription drugs, Lack of exercise, poor nutrition.

The main psychological reasons are stress and lack of adequate rest. In the event that a man has erectile dysfunction, he will sometimes become anxious and anxious the next time he goes to sex. He starts thinking about past failures and that the same thing can happen again. And this becomes an additional factor that worsens his erection. It sounds like a vicious cycle. In this case, the support of a qualified psychologist may be required.

In most cases, erectile dysfunction can be treated successfully. The treatment solutions are unique in each case and are based on the causes of the problem. In most cases, insufficient blood flow to the penis leads to erectile dysfunction. There are many factors that affect penile blood flow, such as: B. certain diseases that damage blood vessels, smoking, unhealthy eating and poor physical activity. To get rid of this terrible problem, you need to improve blood flow to the genital area. But it's much easier said than done.

Of course, you need to get rid of bad habits and start physical activity regularly. A healthy diet is particularly important. You should have more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If you have diabetes, you should constantly monitor your blood sugar levels. Because high blood sugar damages blood vessels and impairs blood circulation. If you have arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure, you need to treat it first because erectile dysfunction is only a result of these diseases, and in recent years Viagra has been the most popular method for improving genital blood flow. Viagra blocks the special enzyme that constricts the blood vessels in the penis and weakens an erection. Viagra is very effective for erectile dysfunction caused by a lack of blood supply to the penis. However, Viagra has several side effects like headache, hearing and vision problems, and more. There is a herbal alternative to Viagra - Epimedium Herb or Horny Goat Weed. Scientists have confirmed that the substance in this herb, icariin, works like Viagra without causing side effects.

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