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Fertility Treatment

Is Clomid Right For You?

Clomid is one of the first fertility medications to be launched. Clomid was introduced in 1967 as an infertility syringe and is now available as an oral drug. Clomid is not suitable for all women and all causes of infertility. It should never be prescribed as a treatment for infertility without a complete work-up on infertility and a complete understanding of the reasons for infertility.

Clomid works best in women with PCOS, luteal phase defects, or an unexplained fertility problem. However, it is contraindicated if the cause of infertility is a tube blockage from fallopian tubes.

Clomid remains the drug most doctors prescribe to stimulate ovulation, forcing the ovaries to produce additional eggs every month.

The effectiveness of Clomid in treating infertility is astonishing. Please pay attention to the following:

80% of women taking Clomid will have successfully ovulated within the first three months

40% of women become pregnant within the first three months

The live birth rate for women taking Clomid is between 30% and 60%.

Clomid increases the probability of twins by 10%

How does Clomid work?

Clomid works against infertility by reducing estrogen production. But estrogen is the drug for female fertility. Why should we want to reduce it?

Well, low estrogen levels play a role in the pituitary gland - which produces more FSH and LH hormones. These hormones stimulate the production of follicles and eggs in the ovaries. By increasing egg production, Clomid can help women who sporadically produce eggs. Forcing ovulation every month significantly increases the likelihood of conception.

Clomid is also used to correct luteal phase deficit (LPD). In the LPD, the ovaries do not produce enough luteal hormone (LH). It is the hormone that stimulates thickening of the uterine blood supply - and helps maintain that supply during pregnancy. When the LH level drops, the uterine lining loses (as in a period) and the fetus is broken off.

Side effects

However, treating infertility with Clomid is not without problems. Clomid can cause mood disorders, nausea, dizziness, and tenderness. If you take Clomid for more than a year, the risk of ovarian cancer increases slightly.

What if Clomid doesn't work?

If Clomid does not achieve the desired results - conception - most doctors will switch to infertility injections. There are many different infertility injections for women. However, most of them contain FSH and LH along with another form of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin).

FSH and LH act as fertility treatments using the same mechanism as Clomid - namely stimulation of follicle and egg production. This combination of drugs is much more effective than Clomid, so the patient should be monitored closely to avoid overstimulation of the ovaries.

FSH is usually administered from the third day of the menstrual cycle and lasts 8 days. An injection of HCG is given on the last day of FSH to ensure good blood supply to the uterus.

Other options

These are not your only options when it comes to infertility treatments.

There are a variety of oriental practices that have proven useful even when you have a hard time getting pregnant. For centuries, the Chinese have used the following infertility treatments:

  • acupressure
  • acupuncture
  • Herbs
  • Eat
  • juice cleans
  • A. Fasting

... everything to support women in natural conception. If there is one thing western medicine has learned, it is that all medications have side effects. Wouldn't it be better for you and your baby to travel together naturally, without the use of medication that can be toxic to both of you?

If you are interested in an infertility treatment program that is based on natural remedies to improve the chances of pregnancy, I invite you to use the program I am using. You can find more information on this on my website below.

IVF clinics and important functions

In vitro fertilization or in vitro fertilization is slowly emerging as one of the preferred responses to problems such as infertility and miscarriage and conception failure. IVF clinics are on the rise in most cities around the world and claim to offer first-class treatment and a safe outcome. However, it is imperative to understand the various characteristics that are essential for good IVF clinics.

IVF clinics must have the following facilities. There must be a reproductive endocrinologist or reproductive surgeon. The endocrinologist must essentially monitor at least twenty follicular recruitment cycles per year to confirm the position. The surgeon must specialize in the areas of obstruction, uterine abnormalities, and other reproductive system disorders, as these require surgical or microsurgical treatment. The services of a reproductive immunologist should also be available in IVF clinics to treat patients with immunological pregnancy barriers. The clinic should also be able to contact special laboratories that are able to test for such immunological obstruction. The clinic should use the services of an embryologist who has at least a doctorate in chemical, biological, or physical science. The person should have performed at least 100 IVF procedures per year. At least one person from the department must have expertise in areas such as andrology, pre-implantation, pre- and post-fertilization and embryology.

IVF clinics also need the services of a reproductive urologist or a reproductive surgeon. The urologist must be able to deal with problems related to the male factor such as urinary disorders. The surgeon must be trained as a surgeon for at least two years and be certified to perform microsurgery. The clinic also needs andrologists or laboratory specialists with degrees in the fields of treatment cycle, biochemistry, physiology or endocrinology. These people usually examine the quality of sperm and hormone problems and prepare the sperm with the embryologist for fertilization. They can also serve the purpose of urologists. The IVF clinic should also offer genetic counseling and have a geneticist on board. Before the intervention, geneticists look for genetic disorders in the parents and offer advice and help. Cryopreservation or the ability to release and store embryos for later use or sale should also be available. In addition, the clinic should offer 24-hour monitoring facilities and high availability of staff at all times. In addition, the clinic must have a laboratory that has been certified by a competent authority.

Other services in IVF clinics include psychological counseling and rigorous screening when donors are involved.

Other factors that determine the choice of a particular IVF clinic are factors such as the distance from home, the cost, the type of advice offered, recommendations from a licensed doctor and the presence of a doctor patient support group, areas of specialization of the clinic, success rate of the Clinic, the type of advertising that the clinic delivers, and reports and reviews from past patients or from friends and relatives who may know the clinic.

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