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February 14

Now synonymous with the National Day of Impotence

Few people know that Valentine's Day is also the national day of impotence. The popularity of Valentine's Day prompted the Sexual Dysfunction Association to make Valentine's Day the National Day of Impotence. The Sexual Dysfunction Association was formerly known as the Impotence Association and is a non-profit organization that was founded in July 1995. As the name suggests, this organization wants to help all these men with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Why is Valentine's Day now National Helplessness Day?

Studies indicate that one in ten men in Australia has impotence. However, experts believe that men still don't treat this condition seriously enough. To draw attention to the severity of this disease, Valentine's Day is now the national day of impotence. The aim of the Sexual Dysfunction Association is to raise awareness of impotence or erectile dysfunction and its causes, both in public and in the medical profession. He focuses on Valentine's Day and wants to inform the public about the various treatment options and help them get in touch with specialists who treat this disease.

The fact that February 14th is now National Impotence Day means that people are becoming more aware of this disease and its various aspects.

Impotence and human perception of impotence

Impotence is a condition characterized by a man's inability to get or maintain an erection. There are various physical and psychological causes for this condition. His symptoms are treatable; but men suffering from impotence continue to keep an eye on their condition. They refuse to discuss their condition with their partners and / or doctors. One of the reasons for this is the acute embarrassment of not being able to function properly in bed. They fear becoming the target of others' jokes. This affects both their lives and their relationships with their partners. Everything goes downhill for them.

Declared Valentine's Day National Impotence Day is a way to ask men to get out of their closets. Once men begin to understand that impotence is a fairly common condition, they will move on to the various treatments that are available for the same thing.

Impotence and associated risk factors

Another reason for this increased focus on impotence is that impotence can also be a warning signal for other health problems. Impotence occurs due to the decrease in blood flow to the penis. This can also be an indication of decreased blood flow to various other parts of the body. Impotence can be an indicator of various health conditions such as arteriosclerosis, diabetes and a number of heart diseases. If you suffer from impotence, you should not put it under the carpet. You should contact your doctor immediately. A medical professional can create an effective treatment plan for you while looking for other serious health problems. This ensures that you get treatment for your condition without exacerbating it

Calling Valentine's Day the National Impotence Day is one way to bring impotence to the minds of the population. It is not a celebration of helplessness, but a "call to action" for all those men who suffer from impotence but refuse to respond to this fact. When you focus on a day when you raise awareness of impotence, men with erectile dysfunction always have a day to recover. It is a day that can help them collect more information about their condition. Get in touch with other people suffering from this disease and look for an effective treatment option that will help them deal with their disease.

Impotence - A wake-up call for heart attacks in young men

The myth of age-related impotence has also exploded in younger men with the appearance of erectile dysfunction. This article examines some of the treatments that can restore your sex life. It is generally accepted that impotence is a sexual disease that only affects older middle-aged men. Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem in men and it is a false belief that young men do not suffer from it. Let's read some facts that support this thought. Impotence in humans can be a precursor to heart disease. The same applies to younger men in their twenties, since impotence has become a common sexual disease among them too. This article will give you a baseline to think about and tell you about some lifestyle changes that can keep you away from impotence and heart disease.

Living with impotence is never easy. This is the time in a man's life when his self-esteem and self-confidence are at stake. The inability to get an erection during intercourse affects your relationship with your partner. It's best to forget about erectile dysfunction as there is no need to worry about something that almost all men experience a few times in their lives. However, it is worrying if erectile dysfunction occurs regularly.

Erectile dysfunction has various degrees of severity. Some men don't get an erection at all. There are men who have an erection, but it is not firm enough to penetrate. Some men can penetrate but are unable to maintain it for a long time.

The general belief associated with impotence is that it only affects middle-aged men or men in their 60s. However, this false belief is weakened by the fact that even young men in their twenties face this problem.

Causes of Impotence in Younger Men

The male sexual system is a complex network that includes hormonal secretions, brain functions, the blood circulatory system and the nervous system. Any disorder in any of these systems can affect your erection. The underlying medical or psychological conditions can be linked to a problem of impotence in younger men.


Men with heart disease, diabetes, obesity and low blood pressure are most often at high risk of erectile dysfunction. These health conditions have a direct or indirect effect on blood vessels. The arterial blood flow capacity is impaired by fat deposits in the arterial walls. To proceed with the list of diseases, Parkinson's disease, Peyronie's disease (formation of scar tissue in the penis), metabolic syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

Psychological conditions

It is a known fact that anxiety or some form of stress is often associated with erectile dysfunction in younger men. Young men who have sex for the first time have erectile dysfunction due to nervousness. Fear of pinching, pregnancy, or the aftermath can increase anxiety, which can lead to loss of erectionGiven the cause and severity of the condition, various options for treating impotence are being considered. These treatments can include prescription drugs, psychological counseling, mechanical devices, and surgery. Cialis Tadalafil is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs for erectile dysfunction. After consultation, a doctor will give you a Cialis dosage recipe tailored to your condition. Cialis has a permanent effect that can last up to 36 hours. It improved erections in 81% of men who already had erectile dysfunction. Cialis is available as 10 mg and 20 mg tablets. It is considered advisable to seek appropriate treatment for erectile dysfunction so that you are less likely to develop serious complications. To get your sex life back on track, you need to get your condition treated in time, which can directly or indirectly lead to impotence.

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