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Do you know these 12 things about nail fungus infections?

Although nail fungal infections are extremely common (see point 2 below), they are still a very poorly understood disease. In this article, we will try to clarify some facts about the disease that affects so many of us.

The nail fungus is caused by a dermatophyte (a parasitic fungus) that feeds on the nail keratin. The same fungus also causes athlete's foot.

It is a chronic infection that affects millions of people worldwide. The incidence is estimated to vary between 3% and 10% of the population. Up to 50% of all nail problems occur caused by fungal infections.

The nail fungus is more common than the nail. This is probably due to the slower growth rate of the nails (see point 4) and the fact that the toes are often in dark, airless environments (in shoes and socks) that promote growth. Mushroom.

The nails grow an average of 1 cm every 100 days A. The complete regrowth of the fingernails takes 4 to 6 months, that of the toenails 12 to 18 months. The exact rate varies from person to person depending on the season (in Nails grow faster in summer), genetics, training level and age. A. (The reason why nail growth rates are relevant is because you don't. I can only consider a nail to be completely fungus-free after a complete nail cycle has taken place.)

Treatment times are long because the nails grow slowly (see point 4) and the fungus is anchored deep in the nail.

The main features of the disease included thickened and discolored nails and the nail plate separated from the nail bed.

The infection usually starts at the top or side edge of the nail. Fungal infections (located under the nail) and superficial forms of the disease are less common.

The main places where infection is found are shared showers, saunas, spas, and non-sterilized pedicure and manicure equipment.

Diabetics, the elderly and people with poor blood circulation are most susceptible to the disease.

Cross infections on healthy nails and athlete's foot are common.

Systemic antifungals have potentially serious side effects. As a result, most patients start with topical therapies such as Loceryl nail polish.

Clinical tests are available, but it is not always possible to identify all cases of illness in this way.

Ways to prevent fungal infections in your body

We all have a mental map of the bad diseases that can ultimately hit a person. Now add "fungal infections" to this list. It may sound a little harmless in name, but it can be pretty debilitating. Ask those who have already had athlete's foot. However, it is not limited to the foot; Fungal infections can occur almost anywhere, including on the genitals. In some cases, fungal infections can also be fatal. For example, if the fungus infects the lungs, even for a person with a weakened immune system, it can and has led to deaths worldwide. The purpose of the "Anxiety Alarm" above is to give you an overview of all of this and show you how serious fungal infections can be. The question now is how we can possibly avoid this annoying condition. Because prevention is the best way. Doing this instead of worrying about it afterwards is your best bet. We have gathered some advice on this. They are all listed below:

It sounds really obvious, but you should stay away from those who are known to have some type of fungal disease. These diseases are contagious and if the spores touch or breathe on your skin you will get one.

This follows from the last point that we raised. If you already have a fungal disease, do your part to stop it from spreading. What you can do by covering the infected area and restricting personal contact with people.

If you are out in the wild, especially in areas with fungal vegetation, you should cover your hands and feet to avoid possible contamination. However, the infection is not limited to the outside. It can also happen at your home. It is therefore recommended to keep your hands away from dirty towels and towels from other and similar things.

Always pay attention to your hygiene. All mushrooms thrive in dirty environments, and if you give them this opportunity, you have to blame yourself. Not only limit yourself to your body, but also keep the environment clean. In this way, the risk of such a disease can be significantly reduced and you no longer have to worry about treatment.

This requires special mention: try to keep yourself dry. Many mushrooms grow in a humid environment, and if you tend not to dry out the sweat you produce, this can increase the likelihood of a fungal infection. This also connects the above point in terms of cleanliness. So you say consistently, after exercise is not just a preventative measure, it's part of being a clean person.

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