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Discover the great benefits of colloidal silver (or colloidal silver)

In general, colloidal silver refers to microscopic silver particles suspended in distilled water. These particles are electrically charged in pure water and have special properties that make it effective in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections. and in some cases viruses and other problems. In fact, this product is usually marketed as a dietary supplement that strengthens the body's immune system. It is a bioactive material that can neutralize and kill bacteria in certain concentrations. The product is intended as an immune booster to treat and prevent many infections, including cold and flu symptoms. It is also used externally to accelerate the healing of wounds such as burns and skin infections, as proven to destroy bacteria and other harmful infections.

Some other uses of colloidal silver include drops to prevent eye infections such as conjunctivitis. Silver and its compounds are widely used in wound dressings to prevent bacteria and re-infections. Bandages containing silver nanoparticles have an antimicrobial effect when applied to skin damaged by injuries such as burns, scratches and wounds. According to Atiych et al. (2007), silver sulfadiazine can be an effective antibacterial agent for treating burns. This product has also been used in bladder catheters to prevent urinary tract infections.

Studies by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in the spring of 1990 showed that viruses, microbes, germs, pathogens, parasites and bacteria can be completely controlled by electrifying the blood. In addition, they said that a very weak current of 50 to 100 microamps in the blood system can alter and kill all viruses and bacteria that cause some of the most common diseases, including HIV. In this regard, colloidal silver can perform such electrification of the blood through the load. Microscopic silver particles in colloidal silver. There are many theories about how money works, but there is still no consensus on the mechanisms that make money such a bactericide.

Colloidal silver has been used by many researchers and medical groups to fight and prevent some of the most common diseases such as gonorrhea, gingivitis, herpes, intestinal infections, HIV, and sinus infections. Staph infections, food poisoning and even leukemia with some exceptional results and benefits. In this context, in vitro studies have shown that the antibacterial benefits of colloidal silver can be widely applied to most bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

One of the main areas of interest is implementation for the treatment of serious diseases such as HIV. In this case, it is said to support the body in later stages of HIV when AIDS exceeds the immune system. The body can no longer fight. even the most common opportunistic infections that lead to permanent and usually irreversible deterioration and death. Nowadays, this product is available in many different health food stores. It is marketed worldwide as a dietary supplement. In order to ensure high product quality, it is essential to only hire competent dealers.

Why do antibiotics cause yeast infections?

Antibiotics cause yeast infections because they completely destroy your body's natural defenses, which have protected you for a lifetime. In addition, they can put your body in a state where it actually depends on these powerful antibacterial drugs to fight infections.

Although we need antibiotics to fight certain infections, they have side effects, one of which is the development of yeast infections. Your body has a colony of friendly bacteria that take care of you and protect you from infection. These bacteria also keep your immune system strong.

Your body also contains other organisms like Candida yeast, and the Candida is kept under control by the good bacteria in your body. If you take antibiotics, they kill the good bacteria, then it leaves the candida without the control it had, and it begins to multiply at an alarming rate.

If Candida is kept under control, it is harmless, but if it multiplies, it turns into an aggressive fungus that begins to feed on your body. This is why your vagina started to itch because you now have a fungus that feeds on the skin cells in and around it.

At this point, most women will use antifungals to kill the fungus. However, this is not the way to cure a fungal infection caused by antibacterial drugs. If you kill the fungus, always let the candida move freely in your body after the end of your treatment, then it simply mutates into the fungus. This is when most women start to suffer from recurring yeast infections.

Taking antifungal medication does not repair the damage to your natural defense caused by antibiotics. And when the infection returns, it becomes more aggressive because Candida is exposed to the drugs. Exposing Candida to medication too often simply turns into a fungus that slowly becomes resistant to the medication.

Since an antibiotic course primarily caused a yeast infection, your body's natural defenses were already weak. The course of treatment has just tipped the scales in favor of candida, and now it is ruining your good health.

In order for you to treat your infection successfully and prevent infections in the future, you must rid your body of fungi and candida and at the same time strengthen your body's natural defenses.

This not only cures your fungal infection, but also completely changes your health. You digest your food better, which means that you absorb more nutrients, which leads to more energy and better mental clarity. Fungi in your body have no use.

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