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Did Erectile Dysfunction Destroy Your Relationship?

The universal truth is that relationships are very fragile. Many ingredients are necessary to maintain and strengthen the bond between two people throughout your life.

These ingredients are love, understanding, mutual respect and sex. The biggest motivator in a relationship is the wonderful sex that a couple enjoys together. Are you in a relationship? Are you happy with the way things are going? If you answer yes, you are one of the lucky ones.

The truth is that millions of men are in miserable relationships only because they can no longer maintain erections as before. This leads to catastrophic consequences in the relationship. Cracks begin to appear and the respect, love and understanding between them begin to decrease.

It is imperative that men are treated on time so that they can enjoy sex properly and their partners are satisfied. But most men prefer to suffer in dignified silence regardless of their partner's sexual needs. It is not the right way to approach this condition. The best way to do this is to look for a healthy and permanent solution to this depressive sexual illness.

Herbal medicine is the most powerful weapon in the world against erectile dysfunction. Herbs are known to effectively treat conditions such as premature ejaculation, urinary tract disorders and severe erectile dysfunction. Remember that the best way to fight this disease is to make sure that the treatment you are looking for is healthy, effective, and has no side effects and is only possible with a herbal treatment! Are you ready to take control of your life? If so, act quickly.

Psychological impotence

Modern research and clinical studies around the world have decisively confirmed that 10-20% of adult men are affected by psychological impotence - also known as sexual anxiety. Due to the social perception associated with male sexuality and the feelings of frustration, inadequacy, anxiety and depression associated with erection problems, emotional erectile dysfunction can be an indirect result of male impotence caused by physical condition.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction in medicine is a condition in which a man is unable to reach an erect penis that is firm enough for sexual penetration or sexual fulfillment. However, impotence should not be mistakenly identified as premature ejaculation, lack of libido, or lack of orgasm. A sufficient erection can be achieved in each of these situations. Impotence is a very common problem. In Australia, between 10 and 15 million adult men suffer from severe impotence. The incidence of this problem increases with age. Less than one percent of the adult male population under 30 is affected, 3 percent under 45, 7 percent between 45 and 55, 25 percent in 65 and up to 75 percent in men 80 years old.

Impotence appears to be increasing, but could also be due to the prolongation of the lifespan. Impotence is classified as primary or secondary. Primary impotence manifests itself in early adolescence as a basic inability to achieve a penile erection. Secondary male impotence is more common and consists of the appearance of erectile disability in adulthood after a period of normal erectile capacity. There are several causes of impotence. With primary male anatomical impotence, the reproductive organs themselves may be defective. With secondary erectile dysfunction, the most common causes are emotional causes and side effects of medications taken with other diseases. The most common psychological factors that lead to male mental impotence are fear of life or problems in his erotic relationships. For example, if a man suddenly lost his job, his feeling of disappointment can lead to permanent impotence. It is possible to know if a man's impotence problems are mainly mental; If he still has regular erections with rapid eye movements (REM) while sleeping, there is unlikely to be a physical reason for his awake erectile problems.

However, sometimes a physical problem that is not serious enough to cause erectile dysfunction alone can increase the likelihood that a man will develop erectile dysfunction, although there are mild emotional factors. Many drugs can cause impotence. Diuretics, tricyclic antidepressants, H2 blockers, beta blockers and hormones are among the most common; As soon as the Cialis drug treatment is finished, regular erections usually occur again, provided that no psychological problems have developed in the meantime. Other factors that cause mental erectile dysfunction are related to physical complaints, health problems, or stress. Of these, diabetes mellitus accounts for 40% of cases in Australia; Vascular diseases 30%; surgery on the pelvis or penis, 13 percent; Vertebral injury, 8 percent; endocrine or glandular problems, 6% and multiple sclerosis, 3%. Treatments for erectile mental dysfunction based on various forms of psychiatric therapy are commonly used for healing. In 1970, the team from William Masters and Virginia Johnson proposed a behavioral therapy program for an affected man and his partner. This method is widely recognized and involves sexual abstinence for several weeks, while partners build other areas of their romantic relationship. Only if the man gets an erection and maintains it for many periods does the couple have to test sexual intercourse.

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