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Depression is the silent killer

The foundation of life is to find a way to deal with the little nuances that life will throw on your way. Most of us can handle the curved spheres of life. We can control disappointments and the things that upset us. Most of us do, but what if you have severe depression? So what?

Dealing with depression is a very insightful experience. If you've ever faced it, you know what I mean. Depression causes you to withdraw into your own body. They bind everything and everyone. Getting up is a challenge in itself. It takes away everything you love.

When you go through an episode of this life-changing mental disorder, you invest all your time and emotions in trying to function day by day. Webster's dictionary defines depression as: "an act of depression or a state of depression: as: downward pressure: a decrease in b (1): a state of sadness: discouragement (2): a psychoneurotic or psychotic disorder, particularly characterized by Sadness, inactivity, difficulty in thinking and concentrating, significant increase or decrease in appetite and bedtime, tendencies towards discouragement and hopelessness and sometimes suicidal tendencies c (1): decrease in activity, quantity, quality or strength (2): a decrease in vitality or functional activity. "

As you can see in the definition, depression can affect all facets of your life. It can change or change everything you do or see. The Nation Mental Health America Organization (NMHAO) states that “21 million people in the United States are affected by this disease. Depression is a chronic illness that has a huge impact on the health and productivity of the United States. It is the main cause of disabilities in people aged 15 to 44 years. "

In addition, the NMHAO states that "the productivity loss of American workers due to depression is $ 31 billion a year. Depression often occurs with poor health and is associated with a variety of diseases such as heart disease, cancer and chronic pain It is also the leading cause of 30,000 suicides in the United States each year. In 2004, suicide was the 11th leading cause of death in the United States, the third among 15- to 24-year-olds. "

With all these huge numbers, our society is still trying to cover up the diagnosis of depression. If you are diagnosed with depression or another mental illness in our society, you will be given a label that is always associated with a stigma. This forces people not to seek treatment because they do not want to be called "mentally ill patients".

Depression is common to all populations, and there are certain areas in which the diagnosis of this disease can become a career killer. Some professions in this area are police, fire and military. In these areas, a large proportion of those with depression do not seek medical treatment because, once they are treated, they are considered unreliable, ineligible or taboo if they so choose.

The London Daily Telegraph reports that "Researchers interviewed 800 superintendents and chief superintendents in England and Wales about their health. Nearly a quarter said they had moderate or severe anxiety, and a number of similar said they had depression."

A 1996 FBI bulletin states: "In 1994, eleven New York police officers committed suicide. This year, only two police officers were killed by criminals. Two murders and 11 suicides - to this extent, the police commit suicide faster than they did Criminals are killed. "There are several factors for which officers commit suicide. Being mocked by other agents, losing friends, the stigma associated with diagnosing a mental disorder, and limited career opportunities are just a few of the reasons.

Every year more police officers commit suicide than those killed on duty. Easy access to a firearm, escape from work and loss of personal value explain why so many police officers commit suicide. Although the exact number of officers, firefighters and military personnel suffering from depression is not known, the National Council for Mental Health estimates that "25%" is reached.

Compared to other professional fields, the actual number of employees with depression is not much higher than in the law enforcement sector. Of course, these are known cases. The real numbers could be much more than the experts believe. What we do know is that we are not doing enough to cope with the growing number of people with depression.

Since the beginning of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the number of soldiers suffering from PTSD and depression has been “ten thousand to a thousand”. A survey by the American Psychiatric Association highlights the problems that soldiers and their spouses are faced with: “More than a third self-assessment, which is often under - feelings of fear (38% military, 39% military spouse), - depression (40% military , 33% military husband) suffers. "

The report also said that "more than 60% of the military believe that seeking help with mental health problems would adversely affect their careers." These numbers are just as high for the police and fire departments.

Mental illnesses are anchored in every community and on every career path. We know it. What we also know is that we have not drawn attention to this problem anymore. We have to make it easier for people in high-risk jobs to be better looked after and not to be left behind and forgotten.

The last thing we know is that, according to a MedScape Research report, more than "700,000 people kill themselves each year in 2010, about 9% of whom contributed to depression". It is time to find a way to remove the social stigma associated with diagnosing a mental illness. If we can educate our people about the fantastic number of people with depression, we can ensure that these people receive the treatment they urgently need.

Depression is an amazing disease with lasting effects and consequences. We owe it to those who suffer from depression. They deserve to be treated without fear of what their families, friends and colleagues treat as people with the plague.

This topic is close to my heart because I have been suffering from depression for several years. Depression is a killer, but with the right treatment, you can continue to live a successful and productive life. A public announcement with 60-minute reporter Mike Wallace said he had suffered from depression for many years and beaten him. If we can beat him, so can you.

Depression is the silent killer, but you can control it by understanding it and getting treatment. Please do your own research and find the resources that are available to you. There are hotlines in every municipality in our country. You can remain anonymous if you want to call. I fought against it for a long time, but I don't follow my example. The faster you make calls, the faster you are on the way to recovery.

This story is dedicated to all of my brothers and sisters around the world who are struggling with depression. You can overcome this disease with the right medicine and therapy. There is nothing to fear. If you would like to contact me, I would be happy to help you find the right resource in your community.

Depression in adolescents - an effective treatment for all cases

Puberty is a very difficult time for everyone. We stop being innocent and indifferent children without obligation. We have to support the transformation of our body and build our own personality. We have complex psychological problems when we grow up. As we are constantly facing new challenges, this transformation process can lead to depression, insecurity or social phobias.

Indeed, it is the influence that the wild side of your consciousness has on your human consciousness that causes all behavioral anomalies and mental disorders. When we stop being children, we come into contact with all of the contents of our psyche and therefore we get mental problems. The life transformations we have to go through would not be problematic if we had not inherited absurd content on the wild side of our consciousness. This absurd content influences our thoughts and feelings and causes fear, anger and aggressive behavior.

Indeed, dream therapy is necessary for all adolescents, even if they do not feel depressed or irritated. The anti-conscience is a wild and violent animal, and its responses must be tamed by our human conscience. The anti-conscience is our primitive self that has not evolved and continues to try to control our behavior.

The anti-conscience does not want to be changed by our human sensitivity and respect social rules. Because of this, most adolescents continue to experience aggressive behavior or insecurity and mental disorders that can lead to mental illness.

Adolescents do not know that the dissatisfaction, fears and anger they feel come from the influence of the anti-conscience. They believe that it is a conscious reaction. They conclude that they cannot adapt to their social environment because they are not attractive or talented enough, or for any other reason that a teenager can rationalize.

Only the translation of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation can bring immediate relief and illuminate them with superior knowledge. The unconscious that creates dreams works like a doctor and a natural teacher. Once they have learned the language of the dream, they begin to communicate with the subconscious, who answers all of their questions in dreams. All her false impressions and doubts disappear in the light of unconscious wisdom.

If you are a depressed adolescent, do not let the anxiety and aggressive behavior caused by remorse relieve you. Get rid of your depression by eliminating the dangerous impact of your wild conscience. It is very easy to follow the advice you get in dream messages.

You only need to study the language of the dream for a while to understand the meaning of all your dreams. Unconscious psychotherapy will save you from frustration and suffering. also shows you how to fully develop your intelligence.

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