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Chiropractic is effective and natural for arthritis

Chiropractic has proven to be an effective treatment for people with arthritis. This is especially true for osteoarthritis, which is by far the most common type. The term arthritis is derived from the Greek word "arthro", which means joint, and "itis", which means inflammation. Overall, arthritis simply means inflammation of the joints, which may involve one or more joints in the body.

Over a hundred types of arthritis have been classified. The main symptom of arthritis in humans is joint pain. The pain is usually localized in the joint itself, but can also be transferred to other parts of the body. This can happen when sensitive nerves around the joint are irritated. This leads to pain on the way to the nerve. Arthritis pain is often the result of inflammation in the joint area, which can cause abnormal pressure on the surrounding tissue.

Arthritis can be caused by joint damage following an injury. This injury can damage the cartilage or pillow in the joint space. The bones surrounding the joint can also be relocated. Once the injury has occurred, the damage may worsen over time. This is because the joint is no longer sliding properly and is exerting abnormal pressure on the joint. A good analogy would be if your car is not aligned. If this happens, it will result in abnormal tire wear, and wear can occur faster than normal and on the wrong part of the tire.

If our joints are not properly aligned, this causes abnormal pressure on the pillow or cartilage in the joint space. Like rapid tire wear when a car is misaligned, our joints can wear out faster if they are not properly aligned and are in the wrong place.

Many people think that arthritis is the result of normal aging. If this were true, all of the body's joints would wear out at the same rate. Arthritis usually only occurs in certain parts of the body and on one side of the body and not on the other. It is common for arthritis to appear in a joint that has already been injured through a sports injury, fall, or other type of trauma.

Chiropractic is very effective in realigning the bones and preventing further damage to the joints. By realigning the bones, the joints can slide properly and function normally. Many arthritis patients report excellent results after chiropractic treatment. They report better movement of their joints and pain relief. Chiropractic treatment should be started as soon as possible after a joint injury. If it is not corrected, the cartilage may wear out and bone spurs may form around the joints. These changes can be irreversible. Chiropractic care should be considered as the primary treatment option for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Canine Physiotherapy for Canine Arthritis: An Introduction

The main goal of dog physiotherapy is to maintain or improve a dog's quality of life by ensuring that dog mobility is not compromised by disease or injury. Therefore, the methods of physiotherapy in dogs are aimed at prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy for canine arthritis

Studies have shown that every fifth dog in seven has arthritis. Although it is quite common, most dog owners are ready to deal with the disease. In addition, since our dog cannot tell us that he is suffering, most dogs suffer silently from the symptoms of the disease. Canine arthritis is difficult to detect in the early stages, and in some cases, the dog is only treated if the disease is already at an advanced stage.

There are many factors that affect the development of canine arthritis, such as age, weight, height and breed. Why the debilitating disease occurs and what triggers it remains a mystery to solve in both human and veterinary medicine. As a result, there is no cure for arthritis. The only way to approach the disease is to get the symptoms under control.

Canine arthritis destroys the cartilage tissue in the joints faster than the body can produce new cartilage. If the cartilage is damaged, the movement of an affected joint is impaired. The joints in the body work because the parts of the bones that come into contact with other bones are lined with perfectly smooth cartilage. Cartilage and synovial fluid are therefore like the oil in moving gears.

With arthritis cartilage damage, the dog would feel pain when the animal used the joint to move. Therefore, the treatment of canine arthritis often consists of medicines that relieve pain or inflammation associated with the debilitating disease. Medicines such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers are used.

However, the right treatment does not stop with these drugs. As mentioned earlier, weight can be a factor in the development of the disease. Physiotherapy is very important here. Weight management is critical in dogs with arthritis. Physiotherapy techniques not only help a dog lose a few extra pounds, they also strengthen the dog's muscles by putting less pressure on their bones.

Active therapy for dogs

One aspect of physiotherapy uses devices or certain movements to improve the condition of the dog's musculoskeletal system. The main goals of active therapy in dogs are to strengthen muscles, improve balance and proprioception, and promote weight gain.

Here are some of the techniques or methods used in active therapy:

* Water therapy. The method usually requires an underwater treadmill, but the heart of the therapy is water. The liquid works in two ways. First, it provides buoyancy. Almost half of the dog's weight is moved, which significantly reduces the pressure on the animal's joints. Second, water offers resistance. This forces the dog to extend its stride. An additional advantage is that hot water relieves pain and improves blood circulation in the joints.

* Treadmill. Although it doesn't offer the added benefits of water, dry treadmills are still effective for physiotherapy in dogs. Like its aquatic counterpart, the dry treadmill is used for muscle building and for rehabilitation after operations or injuries. It is helpful if the treadmill used was specially developed for dogs.

* Therapy ball. Most people are intimidated by the therapy ball for dogs, but it's actually easy to use. Just be patient. Here are some simple instructions: (1) Place your dog's front paws on the ball. You can hold your dog until the animal is balanced. (2) Move the ball to the side ten times, making sure to proceed slowly. (3) If your dog becomes more familiar, extend the exercise for a few minutes.

* Resistance bands.

* Sit-Stand / Sit / Stand supported. Previous techniques have required the use of equipment and some of them can be very expensive. Nevertheless, there are simple exercises that do not require investment in certain training equipment for dogs. The simplest example is walking. Going for a walk with your dog twice a day will have a positive effect on your pet's condition. You can even increase the intensity of the workout by climbing or walking on a series of levels. Running through an obstacle course is also useful. Assisted standing is another fun way for dogs to get their physiotherapy. Assisted standing is a fancy word for dog dancing. All you have to do is lift your dog's legs and then slowly move from one direction to the other. The last example is the sit stand. This is highly recommended for dogs that have completed obedience training. The owner repeatedly orders to sit down and then get up.

Visit my blog for more information on canine arthritis and the many ways to fight this disease.

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