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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Possible Treatments

Poor erectile function is a sexual disease that affects millions of men around the world. If you know the underlying factors, you and your doctor can decide which treatment is suitable for you.

A Brief Description of Poor Erectile Function Sometimes referred to as impotence, poor erectile function is characterized by a partial, complete, or inconsistent inability to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection for intercourse purposes. This can have devastating effects on your sex life and even destroy an otherwise satisfying relationship. This condition can lead to mental disorders such as stress, depression, frustration, anxiety, loss of self-esteem, etc. Feelings of guilt, rejection, and anger associated with helplessness can destroy the relationship. Men with poor sexual performance find it difficult to lead a meaningful sex life. Most cases of poor erectile function are caused by a combination of physical and psychological factors. Read on to learn more about the causes and how to treat them.

The mechanism of the erection The average penis consists of three separate chambers that are connected by a complex network of blood vessels along the length of the penis. An erection is triggered when these vessels are filled with blood. This clogs the penile chambers and increases the size and length of the penis. The blood flow to the penile chambers occurs when the blood vessels that cause them to fill with blood and the vessels that drain the blood constrict. Sexual arousal is associated with the transmission of impulses from the nerves to the genitals. The nerves that lead to the penis release nitrogen oxides, which stimulate the effect of the blood vessels.

Physical causes of erection problems Due to physiological factors such as disorders of the nervous system that interfere with the transmission of impulses to the genitals, poor erectile function can occur. Disorder of blood flow to the penis; as well as anatomical diseases of the genitals or the penis. Other specific physiological causes of poor sexual performance include damage to or injury to the penis, nerves in the spinal cord, or the brain

Diseases such as multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and liver or kidney diseases:

  • Congenital malformation of the penis or genitals
  • Peyronie's disease
  • Clipping
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Zinc deficiency
  • Drug or alcohol abuse

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction Psychological factors can disrupt the erection process by acting on stimuli that you would normally sexually arouse. These factors generally affect men under 50 and include performance anxiety

  • Conflict in the relationship
  • Lack or absence of sexual desire
  • Recent grief
  • Work stress
  • Sexual boredom

Causal treatment for poor erectile function Once the specific physiological or psychological factor responsible for this condition has been identified, it can be remedied with the appropriate treatment. If poor erectile function has been linked to atherosclerosis or heart disease, you can make healthy lifestyle changes and take the medications recommended by your doctor. Congenital deformities of the penis can be treated with special mechanical devices. Possible functional treatment Many of the factors that cause poor erectile function may not be treated. In such cases, pharmacological drugs and natural supplements can help treat the symptoms of this condition, but only provide temporary results. Erectile oils and inflatable penile implants are some of the other options available to treat poor sexual performance.

Some Facts About Erectile Dysfunction And Its Remedies

It is important to understand that not all erectile dysfunction problems are based on mental health problems. There could be a basic medical trigger in people with erectile dysfunction. For example, a man married a woman and later found out that he had erectile dysfunction. Concerned and scared, the girl asks the person to see a doctor. But because of the shame and embarrassment of being known, he has an erectile dysfunction problem with this type of young aging, he has not consulted a doctor.

He later struggled with other symptoms that he did not believe were really ED-related. The lady continued to ask her to go to the doctor because her own sexual relationship was struggling with erectile dysfunction. It was quickly discovered through blood tests and other laboratory tests. The tumor grew in the pituitary gland and caused a deficiency in androgen hormone or testosterone levels. His erectile dysfunction was due to this growth, and when growth was stopped by taking male enhancement pills, he began to maintain a full and fulfilling sexual relationship with his wife.

Although it is sometimes due to depressive disorders, anxiety, and stress that can affect a man's reproductive system, it is very important that the patient's erectile dysfunction be checked as this may be the case with an underlying condition that can be chronic could. By treating this situation, he can regain his full erection and watch it to reach himself and his companion.

Erectile dysfunction can be treated in most cases. It is a problem that needs to be solved and never hidden. This is a problem that, when treated, can increase a man's self-confidence because that particular person is likely to suffer the most because the man thinks about what masculinity is actually measured by his performance. There are currently many useful drugs on the market that treat erectile dysfunction. The most widespread choice is actually the natural erectile dysfunction drug for men, the very first branded erectile dysfunction drug on the market.

If these types of drugs do not support erectile dysfunction in men, there are usually other techniques that can be tried, such as injecting drugs directly into masculinity or vacuum products that also enlarge the male penis by implantable male prosthetic organs. If it doesn't work again, microvascular surgery is an additional option the man could try with regard to his erectile dysfunction problem as this process is done to restore blood flow to the real penis. , Usually this is done in patients with vascular disease or accidental injury.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction therefore do not have to endure pity. It must be understood that many men can experience it and that we now have the means and techniques to cure and treat erectile dysfunction. Gone are the days when men are ignorant and do not seek help for their problem, and since sexual satisfaction is one of the main needs of male satisfaction, penile enhancement can accompany his mind for hundreds of years. Because a man evaluates a woman's attractiveness based on the size of her mammary glands, it can also be the object associated with many women 's desire if it turns out to be good for intercourse with a penis large size plays an essential role. Although you can find other male enhancement tools such as surgical treatment, massage, implants, creams, and lotions that have male enhancement pills that are drawn to the imagination when it comes to one another, another key reason: nothing could be easier and more practical than popping one or the other pill, and you can be sure you're a great performer in sex. If you leave the story behind, male enhancement pills are not just a new idea. The fair added value that the modern pharmacist may have provided is to encapsulate some of the proven natural and organic ingredients and package them in pill form to please users in a growing market. Support this of course with effective marketing.

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