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Arthritis causes and risk factors you should know

Arthritis is a condition associated with inflammation of the joints. Although there are different types of arthritis, all types of arthritis are associated with joint inflammation. People who suffer from this problem often suffer from joint pain, swelling and stiffness.

The arthritis problem can be described as the pain that occurs in the joints of the body. It usually affects older people and both genders. Among the different types of arthritis, osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease is the most common arthritis. There are other types of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Then there is septic arthritis, which is caused by a joint infection, and also gouty arthritis, which is caused by the deposition of uric acid crystals in the joints.

It is not very easy to determine the exact cause of arthritis, as an individual very often begins to develop this common problem because of several factors. Some of the risk factors that can cause arthritis are:

1. Age - As an individual grows older, their cartilage becomes more fragile and therefore less able to repair itself. In general, older people are more likely to develop arthritis.

2. Weight - Being overweight also contributes to arthritis. Our joint is partially damaged by the stress because it has to support our body weight. This type of problem occurs particularly in heavier patients. They are more at risk of wearing their hips and knees.

3. Genetics - It also contributes to the cause of arthritis, but the contribution of genetics or inheritance is not well known. But there are probably genetic variations that can contribute to the cause of arthritis.

4. Illness or infection - Sometimes multiple gout attacks or certain other illnesses can lead to joint arthritis due to a joint infection.

5. Some high-performance sports - It also contributes to the development of arthritis, but it is very difficult to determine how much it contributes to the development of arthritis. However, this can be one of the reasons for the development of arthritis, since exercise can lead to joint damage.

6. Occupational risks - People who work in certain occupations are at higher risk of developing arthritis than some other occupations.

7. Previous Injuries - Sometimes a person can develop arthritis due to a previous injury. For example, an injury that leads to arthritis is a tibial plateau fracture where the broken area of the bone enters the cartilage of the knee joint.

About MSM

MSM or methylsulfonylmethane is a natural sulfur compound in our body. It also occurs in certain foods, but is lost in processing. It consists of sulfur, which is the third largest substance in the body after sodium and water. A regulated level of MSM in our body can help us be healthy and stay active. A higher level of MSM is said to be helpful in treating many types of diseases.

MSM is known for its ability to treat arthritis. However, it should always be borne in mind that anyone with arthritis who wants to take it, like other arthritis treatments, cannot cure the disease. MSM can only control symptoms of arthritis such as pain and cannot cure the cause of the disease. It can also control the pain caused by the following conditions:



Rheumatoid arthritis


MSM can also be a treatment for people who have problems with constipation, allergies such as SAD and snoring. People with arthritis should not rely too much on MSM as this will not preserve the cartilage and can stop cartilage damage from people with arthritis. It can only relieve the pain caused by arthritis as long as the person takes it.

MSM is found in the human body as well as in fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk and fish. However, if these foods are already processed, in some cases the MSM content of these foods will disappear when they are washed with water.

MSM is natural. But the ones you can buy on the market as supplements are made from DMSO or dimethyl sulfide. DMSO is a chemical compound that occurs in medical and industrial qualities. It was treated as a treatment for arthritis in the 1960s, but the strong side effects and other possible risks associated with it made it lose its popularity in treating arthritis.

Studies have been conducted to demonstrate the benefits of MSM for people with arthritis and for animals with arthritis. In a study in mice, MSM was effective in treating the symptoms of arthritis seen in mice. Studies proving that MSM is effective in treating arthritis in humans are still scarce and further evidence is needed.

MSM is sold in tablets, solutions and capsules. You can also find it in the form of topical medications in the form of cream. It can be taken with other arthritis supplements such as chondroitin, glucosamine and vitamin C.

Before taking MSM, you should consult your doctor about the dos and don'ts. It can interact with other medications and cause side effects if not taken properly. Talking to your doctor about this can help prevent injury.

Vitamin MSM supplements can be taken daily. However, the dosage should start from the bottom. It is generally recommended that two doses of 500 mg per day be administered and the dose increased evenly to 1000 mg per day.

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